Mere Angne Mein 15 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Mere Angne Mein 15 July 2016 Written episode Update. Mere Angne Mein today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Nimmi crying and hugging Riya. Riya asks her to concentrate on her studies. Nimmi saks if Dadi knows. Riya says she will be happy, don’t take her tension, I will talk to her, you focus on studies. Nandu gets Preeti’s call and smiles. He talks as Lucky and says we will meet and have pakodas. She says no, I just called. He says you look very happy. She says I was feeling good. He says I wish you always feel good and call me. She laughs. He says you look lovely when you laugh. She says you started praising me and ends call. He thinks why is Preeti so happy today. Shivam promises that nothing will happen to Nimmi. Preeti comes and says you all did not worry for me. Kaushalya asks her to have shame, Nimmi is your younger sister, I did not think you won’t support her, leave,

else I will kill you.
Sarla says why did pandit not come till now. Amit says he will come, sit, don’t worry. Pandit comes there. Sarla asks pandit to come home tomorrow morning and we will fit marriage program here. He says sure, but who is the groom. Sarla says groom is my husband, I have to get him married. Pandit says this would be disaster. She says he is my husband, what is disaster, this is second bride sitting here. He says why are you making me part of your sin. Sarla asks him to take money. Pandit says I can’t ruin my Dharm for money, I will not do this. He leaves.

Nirmala says my fate is bad and cries. Sarla says don’t worry, I will do your marriage. Shivam comes to Nimmi and Riya, and asks whats happening. Riya says nothing. Shivam asks Nimmi. Nimmi says Riya got my admission done in fashion designing again. Shivam smiles and hugs Nimmi. Shivam thanks Riya and says if you both hide anything, I will tell Shashikala. Riya and Shanti ask who is Shashikala. Shivam gets shocked seeing Shanti. Shanti asks him to say. Shivam and Nimmi look at each other.

Sarla calls Bansi and Rajendra, and asks them to come tomorrow morning as pandit, remember all the mantras and reach here at 7am. Sarla tells Nirmala that she arranged pandit. Nirmala smiles. Shivam says I don’t know. Shanti says yes. Shanti asks Riya are you playing hide and seek again. Riya says no. Nimmi says Shashikala is heroine, I like her acting, I was asking Shivam to do her acting. Shanti says I know it very well, don’t fool me, I have seen her many movies, she was not a heroine, she was a villain, she always used to do scheming. Nimmi laughs and says yes. Shanti asks why are you laughing, come with me, I have headache, massage Shashikala’s head. Shivam and Nimmi get shocked. Shanti says I said by mistake, massage my head. She leaves.

Shivam hugs Nimmi and asks her to always smile, I m with you. Riya asks who is Shashikala. He says she is heroine, no villain, its our secret, leave it. Nimmi goes. Riya asks Shivam again. He says I told you, villain. Rani applies mehendi on Nirmala’s hand and writes Ashok’s name. Sarla worries and lets that happen. Ashok recalls Sarla’s words and says I have been bearing everything till now, Sarla did limit today to sell me off. Shanti calls Sarla and asks are you still crying as you lost. Sarla says no. Shanti says I will come tomorrow to meet you. Sarla says no, I will come, and ends call.

Nimmi goes to Shanti and massages her head. Riya asks Shivam will he say thanks to her. He says yes. Sshe refuses to take his hand. He asks her to take anything else then. He gets her close and they smile.

Its night, Sarla is tensed that Ashok did not come home till now. Amit and Nirmala say Ashok will come home in morning. Nirmala says I can’t take tension, I m becoming bride tomorrow, you also sleep. Ashok drinks and says I won’t marry tomorrow. Sarla worries for him and thinks where did he go, he always troubles me, I m going this for family’s good. Ashok calls Kaushalya. She is sleeping. He then calls Riya. Riya wakes up and call ends. He says why is no one answering. Riya checks Ashok’s ten missed calls and worries. She calls him back. She asks him what happened. He says very bad happened with me, second marriage….. she says nothing will happen, don’t worry. Shivam asks Riya who is it. Riya says Ashok is worried. Shivam talks to Ashok thinking Ashok would have fought with Sarla. Ashok asks Shivam to solve his problem. Shivam says I will help you, go home and sleep, its late night.

Its morning, Sarla wakes up Amit and asks him to find Ashok, else it will be big loss, if he refuses to come, tie him with rope and drag him. Amit goes. Kaushalya opens the main door of the house and sees Ashok fallen outside. She gets shocked.

Shanti tells Nimmi that she is going to Sarla’s house, manage the work, cleaning workers are coming. Preeti hears them.

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