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Kasam 14 July 2016 Written episode Update. Kasam today and Latest Written story.

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The lady asks Tanvi till when is she going to hide the truth from Rishi. He has filled her head partition with Sindoor already, she is married for him.
Manpreet comes to Ahna, she asks how he came to know she is here. Manpreet says she and her sister has no place to go, else they would have stayed here. Their eyes haven’t been banded, and can see how she and her sister work hard day and night. Ahna qualifies if like a maid? Manpreet says no, like a princess. She worked like a princess today. Ahna feels happy that Manpreet helped her today, else people would have not only broken her face but other parts as well. They wonder what Rishi and Tanvi must be doing, Manpreet envision their love story. They laugh together.
Rishi clarifies to the lady that she isn’t the girl he was engaged to in the

temple in childhood. The lady asks Tannu to clarify, Tannu accepts to be the girl he was engaged to. She confess to him that she is Tannu. Rishi was shocked. She clarifies that Bani requested her to hide her identity because her sister Neha had to marry her. Rishi narrates Tannu that Raaj brought them here to let him marry Tannu, the daughter of Virender. When they returned India, they got to know about the death of Virender and Shardah in the terrorist attack. It comes as eye opener for Tannu, she calls it a planning of Bani. The one he was going to marry was actually Bani’s real daughter. Rishi says he now trust even more that they are made for each other, he recalls someone hitting him with stone at the college attack. Tannu accepts it was her. They were elated, Rishi says now he understands the attraction he always felt for her. He was annoyed at her for making him get away of herself. Tannu apologizes. He cups her face with his hand, smiling. They keep head to head in elation.
Suddenly strong winds blow. The lady foresee some danger, she suspect someone trying to part them both. She was worried that someone is trying to part them both away.
Bani suggests them to throw Ahna out of their home, she would go straight to Rishi and Tannu and they will be able to find them. Guljeet was worried what if Raaj comes to know about it.
In the temple, Rishi inquires the lady why she brought them here. The lady says they are in danger, before Pavan and his family come she wants them to marry. Rishi asks the lady how she know about Pavan. The lady tells them that she was there near the stage, Pavan was enraged then. He got crazy and has been looking for them. Tannu was worried for Ahna as she is alone. Rishi tells Tannu it was all Ahna’s idea, she has seen their love in a few days. Tannu qualifies that Ahna has seen their love since childhood, she has seen her love and wait for him since childhood. She was now ready to marry Rishi. Rishi asks if she wants to marry him because of Ahna or herself. Tannu asks him to question her 17 years old love and wait, she now wants to be one. They were determined to be one now.
The goons spot the cart.
The ladies make them marry each other. Tannu wish their wedding was like the traditional one. The lady assures Tannu that Kaali Maa is here with her. The lady cater their gat bandhan, and calls them to sit near the fire. Rishi asks for Tannu’s hand that she keeps over his with a smile. They sit together, then takes the rounds. Rishi takes his vows. He promises to be with her, protect her, take care of her….. The lady then calls Tannu to take lead. Tannu vows to take care of him always. She vows to protect him always, and return in each life for his protection. Rishi assures to love her in each life. The lady finally gives Rishi the sindoor, tears fill in Tannu’s eyes in elation. The lady announces they are now husband and wife.
A lady comes to inform the goons about the lady’s house, and confirms a girl and boy came here but they have left already for temple. They call Pavan and informs him about whereabouts of Rishi and Tannu. Pavan says he has now changed his mind, they must kill Rishi in the temple. He will pick the lady up. The goon brings out his gun to kill Rishi.
Heavy winds again blow in temple. Rishi was worried that they are married now, then why this danger still there around.
They goons look around for Rishi and Tannu and head towards Kaal Maa temple.
Raaj was worried and shares with Rano that tonight is the same night as in the childhood, he was saved because Tannu was with him. Today he is with some other girl, he will never forgive Tanvi if something happens to him today. Rano asks him to think well. Raaj prays for the wellbeing of Rishi.
The lady urges them to leave this place, she asks Tannu if she also sense the same danger as hers. They leave the temple. Only then, the goons arrive at the temple. They watch the fire lit already. They lady tries to lit the lamp but grass had ended in it. She asks Rishi to sit with his bride and goes to get the grass in it.
The goons call Pavan informing him that they already flee from temple and it seems they are married. Pavan says he is reaching that lady’s home, as if Rishi’s death has been written in his hands.
Rishi walks towards Tannu who was looking out of window. She says she was looking towards the moon. Rishi says the moon won’t appear today, it’s hidden behind the clouds. Tannu says this moon is the only witness of their love, it’s aware how much she loves him. He had left her with this moon in childhood, and whenever she saw the moon it appeared as if she was looking towards it. Rishi says it was their fate, no one could interfere between them. In America he tried to get close to girls but he couldn’t, he always had a head ache and got flashes about something; it was just the ties of relations. Tannu dislikes this and complains that she had been waiting for him here, and he was doing affairs. Rishi laughs, she jerks his hand away. He asks Tannu if she wants him to come close to her, Tannu turns to leave aside.
PRECAP: Pavan tells the lady that Rishi will die in front of her Kaal Maa. The lady makes fire around her home and throws more oil over it. She comes to warn Rishi and Tannu that Pavan wants to kill him, they must run away as they have less time.

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