Swaragini 14 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Swaragini 14 July 2016 Written episode Update. Swaragini today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Sahil asking Maya not to tell anything to Swara, else he will kill Swara and also himself. Maya is shocked. Laksh tells everyone that they have to go hoogly. Swara is making the kids practice for play. Maya comes and looks at the script paper. She has written on it about Sahil’s plan to marry her. Swara thanks her and says she is feeling safe now. Sahil comes. Maya gives the script to Swara and asks her to read it properly. Swara is about to read the papers. Sahil looks at her. Swara thinks she haven’t talk to Sanskar. Sanskar gets Adarsh’s call. Adarsh asks Inspector came and asking if we shall get Swara’s pic posted in the city.

Sanskar says no. Laksh says Sahil is trying to marry her. He says we won’t spare him. Swara calls Sanskar, but the call goes to Sahil’s

phone as his number is saved on Sanskar’s name. Sahil cuts the call and messages her. Swara replies I love you too. Sahil feels apologetic and smiles.
Swara happens to read Maya’s note in script, that she is not in Patna, but Hoogly and that Sahil is trapped her to marry. Swara is shocked. She further reads that Kalpana is with him. Swara recalls Kalpana giving her water in car. She thinks to call Sanskar. Sahil comes and asks where is she going? Swara wipes her tears, turns towards him and says she is going to check the children costume. She asks him not to interfere. She goes to costume room and burns the note which Maya had written. She cries and wipes her tears.

She thinks to message Sanskar and writes message, and then thinks Sahil won’t take such a big risk. She checks the number and thinks it is Sahil’s number. She thinks to call Sanskar, but recollect the number. She recalls the number and then calls him. Sahil thinks why Swara is taking much time. Swara sends message to Sanskar.

Sanskar gets Swara’s message. Ragini reads it and says she is fine. Sahil knocks on the door asking Swara if she is fine. Swara wipes her tears and open the door. Sahil asks why the door was closed? Swara says just because I get scared around you. Sahil says I have changed now, else wouldn’t have call Maa here.

Kalpana comes there and says hero and heroine called and said that they are not well. Swara says both of them got ill at same time. Kalpana suggests that Swara shall become heroine. Swara agrees and thinks Maya is right. Kalpana says who will do hero’s role. Sahil says I will do if you agree. Swara says this costume isn’t fitting me. Sahil says lets go shopping and buy costume for you.

Sanskar reaches wedding venue. Sahil tells him that Swara is marrying him with her wish. Sanskar is shocked. Sahil asks Swara to say.

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