Kaala Teeka 14 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Kaala Teeka 14 July 2016 Written episode Update. Kaala Teeka today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Leela screams Yug.. Yug and Kali come. They are shocked to see Leela in fire. Gauri is seeing all this too from her window. She is dazed. Gauri feels like someone is behind her. Gauri says who is this? Yug tries to save Leela he faints too. Kali says whats happening to you yug? Yug says Kali be careful. Kali jumps in the fire and takes Leela out. Kali says come from here. Gauri brings pipe, she blows all the fire.

Kali brings Leela in her room. She dresses her burns. Doctor comes and checks Leela. Leela is shivering with pain. Kali says Gauri you saved life of me and dadi. Thank you. Gauri says it was my duty. Doctor says she will be okay in a day or two but her mind is affected. You have to take care of her, there should be no stress on her. Leela grasps doctor’s collar.

Leela says who called you here. Yug says dadi leave her. Leela says I don’t need you, get out. Doctor says she needs a psychiatrist. Leela says call a tantrik. Enough I won’t listen anymore. I will call him. Kali says but.. Leela says shut up. I won’t listen a word more. I know whats happening to me.
Raghu asks Yug what are guards doing? yug says I appointed them for dadi’s protection and Kali can’t stay with her all day either. Kali says yeah thats better. Gate opens and winds start blowing. Eveyone is dazed. A baba comes in he is wearing complete black clothes. He looks at temple and candles lit. Gauri says which acting company did you come for? Who are you? baba says shut up. I bring water from stone, burn the ashes. I kick out ghosts and witches. witches out.
Leela comes and says baba.. Yug says you won’t bow down to her.

Baba says even you will. Yug says shut up. Leela says yug control your language. Don’t say a word against baba. Leela says I am sorry baba. He is young, he doesn’t know. Just save me from this black shadow. Baba says don’t worry leela. Leela says you know my name? He says I know everything that is why I came here. Baba makes a circle with sindur in the hall. Baba starts his mantra, leela sits with him. Suddenly, there is fire on the ground. Everyone is dazed. Baba says I will kick this witch out. He takes out a jar and says I will lock it in this jar. There is smoke near jar, baba says the witch is going inside the jar. He locks the jar. Baba says its locked. I won’t leave her now. Suddenly the jar breaks.

Precap-Baba reads a mantra and everyone sit in circle. His needle stops at Yug and says he is the one. Keep him out of this house. That shadow will rule the house otherwise.

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