The episode starts with Abhi reaching Tanu’s home. She takes her inside. Pragya meets Purab who says if MMS is leaked, Abhi’s career will be ruined. He says Abhi loves money as he has seen his family sleeping hungry for days and he worked hard to come to this position, and if MMS is leaked, he will lose everything and will break off. She says he is right, she can tolerate her insult but not Abhi’s. He suggests her to go home back and repeatedly discuss about it with family members and make sure they don’t leak it.
Abhi is on bed with Tanu. He repeatedly says Pragya kicked him out of his own room. She says she knows. He asks how? She says he is repeated it many times. She asks him to kick Pragya out of house, she will come to his home and will take good care of Daadi, says she will be with him every night like today. She senses him silent and sees him sound alseep.
Pragya goes to temple and asks god why did she because reason for Abhi’s destroyal. She reminisces Purab’s words if MMS is leaked, Abhi’s career will be ruined and says he was right, if it happens nobody will tell it is Pragya’s MMS but will tell it is Abhi, the rockstar’s MMS. She blames herself for not understanding him and instead kicking him out of room, thinks she has to do something to stop ruining his career, thinks she will have to take blame on herself and let people say she is characterless, then thinks even then people will blame that Abhi is impotent and cannot keep his wife happy, so she went with another man. She thinks what she can do to save his career. She thinks like he risked his life and protected her, she will safeguard his career.
Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2014 Written Update
Suresh comes to Abhi’s house and calls him. Mitali sees him and asks why did he come here and says Abhi is not here. He says he will meet Pragya and tries to walk towards her room. Aaliya asks Mitali to let him come, says he comes here hiding anyways and says him she wants to give him money for his help. He asks if she is behind this. She says she wants to give him tuition fees for teaching kids. He says he understood she is the mastermind behind MMS. She says she is not and says she knows he loves Bulbul and she hates bulbul as she snatched Purab from her. She says they both are in same boat. Suresh walks out silently. She thinks how to use this fact in her favor.
Tanu wakes up in the morning and does not find Abhi next to her. Bulbul on the other side calls Pragya and asks why did not she expose the culprit. Pragya says she does not want to. Bublul asks if Tanu is behind it. Pragya says yes. Bulbul asks if she is not exposing her as her secret of loving Abhi will be out and says she herself will expose Bulbul now. Pragya asks her not to do that and says she is hiding something. Abhi comes there and asks what is she hiding. Bulbul asks her to speak out, but she cuts call. She says Abhi that she needs divorce from him. He asks if he is hearing divorce word. She says yes and says she will get out of his house only after divorce. She says she does not want him to suffer because of her. He starts jumping in happiness and says he is feeling as if he is getting Oscar award and asks if she will not change her words, says he wants to kiss her in happiness, but says anyways she is getting divorced.
Precap: Pragya thinks she should stop Abhi’s career being ruined. She touches hot cooker.
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Kumkum Bhagya

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