Jamai Raja 13 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Jamai Raja 13 July 2016 Written episode Update. Jamai Raja today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Naina crying and blames herself for Neil’s condition. She thinks her past sins are punishing her and Neil is suffering. A lady is shown saying she will take her revenge now. Sid tells Roshni that the troubles have to face him before reaching her. Mitul and Ranjeet reach the lady’s house. They argue that they will give the papers to lady and tries to take it in their hands. The papers tears apart. Mitul and Ranjeet are shocked. The lady slaps Mitul. Her goon tells Mitul that you both have proved madam’s theory that you are fools. Mitul begs infront of lady to give her a last chance. Goon gives her last chance and tells that his madam is very dangerous. Sid thinks about Roshni and his romantic moments….Hamari Adhuri plays……….Roshni tells Sid that she doesn’t know

who are they? She says the kidnappers were two people, and one is woman and other is man. Sid asks are you sure? Roshni says woman was scolding the man as if he is a kid. Sid understands that they are Mitul and Ranjeet. He asks her to take care of Neil and herself.
Anya gets Arav’s calls. She rejects the call repeatedly. Ranjeet and Mitul enter home like thieves. Sid catches them and sings Andheri raaton me….He asks from where you both are coming? Mitul asks why you are accusing us. Sid says Neil is severely injured. Mitul starts acting and says Neil’s legs are hurt, don’t know if he will be able to walk or not. Sid asks are you future watcher. Mitul and Ranjeet say you said just. Mitul calls Naina. Sid says I will ruin the persons who tries to harm Roshni. He says you are donkeys and I know everything. He asks them to accept their crimes. He says I won’t be at peace and won’t let you sit in peace until you confess. He asks them to go. Roshni is sitting with Neil. Naina comes and asks her to go, saying she can take care of her son. Roshni says you are Neil’s mum and can do anything. I am his wife and shall take care of him. Naina calls her betrayal, liar and shameless woman. She asks her to go else. Sid comes and asks what else? He says if someone else would have talked like this, then my tone would have been different.

Sid says it is wrong to blame a woman repeatedly. He says I am not saying this as her ex husband, but as her friend. He says there are many things which you have hidden and have betrayed. He says your son is an alcoholic and suffers from bipolar disorder. He says Neil is aggressive and you didn’t tell this to Roshni as you was afraid that she will refuse for marriage. He says Roshni has bear the torture till now and have done all the responsibilities of bahu and wife.

He says it is Roshni’s right to take care of Neil and asks her not to snatch this right from her. Roshni asks Sid not to interfere between them and says we will resolve the matter. Sid is about to go, stops and tells Naina that sometimes parents do wrong with their kids while trying to do better. He says my mum had some similar mistakes, and asks her not to do mistake as it is difficult for a mum to see her children suffering because of their own mistake. Roshni tries to talk to her. Naina ignores her and goes.

Bunty and Sid come to Ranjeet and Mitul indisguise of kidnappers and try to take out info about Roshni’s kidnapping and the papers. Ranjeet confesses to the crime.

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