Krishnadasi 12 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Krishnadasi 12 July 2016 Written episode Update. Krishnadasi today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Aradhya is walking in house and recalls her moments with Aryan. Aryan comes to his room and recalls how Aradhya had seen him in towel in same room, he misses her, both are pained to recall their love, Tum hi toh ho zindagi plays, Aradhya says Aryan is blinded by hatred now, he wont understand but rightnow i have to think about getting food for my family.
Chimaji is talking to Shastri about rains in village when Aaba comes there and says since court has proved that i am innocent so you should reconsider about me not being Sarpanch and i have been handling this village for years, Shastri says we already have chosen our new Sarpanch and that is Chimaji, aaba says he? he is Saint, atleast i didnt have any affair like him while faking to be saint, Chimaji says i didnt do anything, i accepted

Tulsi and filled her forehead with sindoor infront of all, atleat there is no murder case on my head, Aaba says i am proven innocent by court, Chimaji says even you thought about killing Aryan, same Aryan which you raised for years, you may have not killed Tulsi but this was all started by you, you called everyone there, you are reason behind her death, when person’s ego become bigger than everything else then its time to payback for things you did in your ego, your sins are full and now its biting you back, you dont have anything remaining, you lost everything because of your ego, he leaves with Shastri, aaba just stands there silent.
Kaka brings suitcase to Kumudini and says it has Tulsi’s things, she gets emotional and says Tulsi you left me, she asks Kaka to keep her suitcase in her room, he nods and leaves with suitcase, Kumudini doesnt know there is gun in that suitcase which Raj had put it, Kaka keeps suitcase in her room.
Shashwat says to family that i have watch and some gold, i will sell that to get grocery and i am qualified so i will find some job, i dont have experience as i never did job but i will get one, dont worry, Gayetri and Pavitra says that we can sell our jewelry, Aradhya says no one has to sell any jewelry, Pavitra got this jewelry from Shashwat and Shashwat got this watch from Aaba when he graduated, your memories are attached with these things, Shashwat says emotional attachment is one thing but we need to get food for us, Aradhya says we dont need to sell our memories for that, i am sure they must have thrown our things outside Haveli, i will go and collect it and i have some money, i will get grocery too, i am still sure that God will show us some way to survive like we have got this house. Aradhya says we are educated, we will handle everything, we will make our future. A woman comes to their house and says Tulsi tai had given me some pans and kitchen items to keep for Aradhya, she loved Aradhya a lot and she had educated me, she had done so much for me so i can help you people with grocery, its not big deal, she goes in kitchen to keep things there. Aradhya says Tulsi was right, good deeds pay off, Pavitra says and i had always done bad deeds, i was so cruel, i made you walk to burning coals, younger one learns from elders but i have learned from you, i promise i will do good deeds only from now on, she goes in kitchen. Aradhya says to Shashwat that dont worry, i will call you when food is ready, everything will be fine, shashwat leaves. Door knocks, Aradhya goes to open it but doesnt find anyone outside there. she sees letter and reads it, it says that your aayi’s killer is in this village, he is close to you and i know who is that person but you are not able to see that person. Aradhya says who left it here? i have to tell Aryan but he wont pick my call, she leaves. Purva and Raj are hiding there and sees her leaving, Purva says now she will start her investigation with detective Aryan and that gun is in Aryan’s home only, they leave from there.
Aradhya comes to Aryan’s house. Aryan says you have become stealer too? want to steal things from my house? i have thrown your things out of house, go and pick them, and leave. Aradhya says i want to talk to you, please see someone has given me letter about killer, Aryan says i dont want to talk you, leave, Aradhya is hurt and looks at him, Aradhya says someone has written letter that he knows about killer, we can find him if we work together, Aryan says your aaba is killer only, Aradhya says its our duty to find our aayi’s killer, Aryan says you are thinking about duty? your duty to get your aaba aressted, he throws her out of house and locks door on her face, she thinks that rightnow you are blinded by your hatred but i will find killer of my Tulsi aayi and i will bring this hatred out, he will push you away from it, i will let you see truth, she leaves.
Pavitra cooks food, she says we dont have dining table for all to sit, Gayetri says we will sit on floor and eat together. Aradhya comes there, Gayetri says where is Aaba? you didnt bring him? Markand says he is in mandir, he wants to remain alone for sometime, i am very hungry, Pavitra asks him to sit on floor so that she can serve food to him, Markand says on floor? he says okay and sits down, ARadhya says this is your first dinner in this house so i will serve everyone, she asks where is Micheal and Saras? Gayetri says Saras was little ill so i gave food in her room only, Shashwat says its all because of Aradhya’s good deeds that we have house and food today otherwise we would have been starving today, all should get daughter like you, Aradhya says dont worry, where is Aaba? Shashwat says he must be remembering his whole life, i used to tell him to not be so cruel but he doesnt listen to anyone, Aradhya asks Gayetri if she brought medicines of Aaba? she says yes. Aradhya says i will go and check Aaba. She sees Aaba standing on door, she says where were you? we were waiting for you, you didnt have dinner, you need to take medicine, i have made your favorite vegetable dish, aaba says i am not hungry, Aradhya says you need to take medicine and i have brought your food in plate, you cant leave it now, Aaaba says i will eat one roti only. He sits down on chair and hesitantly eats, Aradhya says you eat, i will take medicines in your room, Aaba is emotional and eats silently. Aaba recalls how Aradhya had come to his house and said that she wanted to rectify her aaji’s mistakes and will work in his house, how aaba had made her life hell, how he had made her his servant, then how he arranged her auction, he wanted to sell her, he recalls how he had tied her to tree for people to throw stones at her, how he called her evil, a scar on his life, filth and alot more, he cant see her anymore and leaves from there.
Scene 2
Its morning, Markand says i am hungry. He sees woman there cleaning house and says Nakku.. he says its Pavitra, he says i forgot that i am not in haveli, can i get tea? there is no hope in this house. Aradhya comes there and says to Pavitra that you dont have to do house work like this, i will do it, you go and have breakfast. All come, Aradhya says good morning aaba and Shashwat, Markand says i need more poha, Aradhya says you can eat as much as you want. Aaba says to Markand that we cant serve you anymore, your family must be missing you, you should go back, Markand says i left everything to serve, i didnt even go behind Shivangi to her aunt’s place, and you are throwing me out? shashwat says he is not throwing you out, he is saying that if you want to stay here then you need to help us to run this house, Markand says you are asking your brother in law to work for you? this is height, dont try to stop me now, i am leavin this house.
Kumudini comes to Aryan with food and ask him to eat something, she says Nakku you already know what Aryan likes in food, she nods, he says so form today you will make only what Aryan likes. She asks Aryan if he needs anything else? aryan says i am nto hungry, Kumudini says i know you and me are sad over Tulsi’s death, that killer aaba is still free, till today evil people used to live here, i was thinking to arrange cleaning pooja for this house, Aryan says you can do anything you want, he leaves. Kumudini says to Banwari that tell whole village that Aryan is new owner of this house and there will be food donation after pooja, she gives him money for arrangements and asks him to give her bill of everything, she thinks that i will rip of Aaba’s dignity now infront of all.

PRECAP- Pavitra says to Nakku that i will do anything, any work to help my family, Nakku says there is work of servant in Kumudini’s house, Pavitra is stunned. Kumudini says that i am making aaba’s daughter in law as my servant to give peace to my daughter’s soul. Aradhya gets to know this and says no i wont let it happen.

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