Kasam 12 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Kasam 12 July 2016 Written episode Update. Kasam today and Latest Written story.

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Rishi foresee the thunderstorm and thinks about finding some way to hide for a while. He finds a place nearby and holds Tannu there. There was a temple inside, he calls if someone was there, then turns to see Tannu lying unconscious.
Pavan shouts that Tannu can’t run away, Ahna says he said a lot to her, Tanvi even had run away. Saloni shuts Ahna up not to blame her Pavan. Ahna demands what’s her Pavan? Bani scolds Ahna as Pavan is their son in law to be. Savitri demands Raaj where is Tanvi, as he called himself as her daughter. Pavan’s father accuses Ahna to want to marry Pavan. Ahna laughs that no girl in the world would want to marry this Pavan. Bani inquires her about Tannu. Rano asks them to go away and look for her, she must be in her room. Everyone disperse. Rano questions Ahna about Tanvi,

Ahna wonders why Manpreet is silent and doesn’t inform everyone. Rano sends Manpreet and UV to look for Tannu. The temple lady comes to the temple prostrating. Bani returns announcing Tanvi is nowhere. They were all tensed. Guljeet comes to inform that Rishi is also not in his room. Manpreet and UV return to the hall, announcing Tanvi is nowhere. Raaj comes to Manpreet and asks him about the matter, and deters him about beating him. he forbids UV from interfering. Ahna urges Manpreet to speak the truth. Manpreet accepts about asking Ahna to sit in stage, so that Rishi gets time to run away with Tanvi. Rishi ran away with Tanvi. He narrates about wrapping Tanvi in the carpet. Pavan calls it impossible, Manpreet reminds about his help in holding the heavy carpet. Pavan regrets making a huge mistake, he says they must not have gone much far away. UV says they ran on the Victoria cart. Raaj asks UV if he as well, doesn’t he know how important this marriage is for Rishi’s life. Bee ji comes to take accusation on herself, she asks Raaj to do anything even beat her. Rani comes to accuse Bee ji. Manpreet tells Rano that one day she would realize this Pavan is so cheap, he was about to tell everyone about him and Saloni when Pavan attacks Manpreet. Ahna stops Pavan, Bani comes to scold Ahna. Bee ji joins her hands to Pavan and apologizes, she asks them to understand they love each other. Pavan’s parents accuse them for disrespect, they now accuse their own daughter of running away. Pavan calls it as enough, he was determined to find Rishi and Tanvi from anywhere. His father takes him away.
The temple lady was happy about joining Rishi and Tanvi, today their luck has been changed for a Kasam that was creating in the temple years ago. They have been created for all lives. Manpreet arrives behind her and asks the temple lady what she has been doing here. The lady appreciates Manpreet and says what he has done has been written years ago. The skies are smiling today, now this couple will live as one.
Rishi walks towards Tanvi and caresses her face smiling. He covers her with a nearby lying sheet. The bulb begins to spark, he recalls their first meeting, confesses himself crazy for her. He says he had decided in the first look to always love her and marry her only. Today, they are together. Tanvi wakes up finally, Rishi calls her name. She was shocked to look around. Rishi narrates her about kidnapping her. Tanvi was upset, she accuses Rishi to be selfish. She was worried that it’s because of her that everyone would be ashamed. Tanvi accuses Rishi to have broken all strings she was tied to, she accuses herself. Rishi calls it his mistake. Tanvi says it’s her mistake to reply to his love, her family dispersed because of him. Rishi apologizes, he didn’t know she will be moved so much. Tanvi was upset about Raaj’s promise, she was doomed that everything has ended.
PRECAP: The temple lady insists on Tannu to inform him she is the one his fate has been linked. Rishi explains she isn’t the girl, but Tanvi accepts that she is the real Tannu.

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