Ek Duje Ke Vaste 12 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 12 July 2016 Written episode Update. Ek Duje Ke Vaste today and Latest Written story.

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Shravan is outside his office. He thinks of Sumo. You dint hear me when I tried telling you what’s in my heart in childhood (at the time when his mother had left me and he had run up straight to Sumo in school but she refused to hear anything about it). I tried again yesterday but you dint. You might be compelled for some reason. but I am sure you will ask me about it when we meet next time. You will ask me what’s in my heart, what I want to tell. Sumo sees him. She hides behind a pillar before he can see her. Shravan is waiting for Pushkar. Both the brothers leave for some place as soon as Pushkar comes. Sumo comes out of her hiding place looking all sad. I know I am doing wrong to you without intending to. Wish I could tell you my helplessness.

Prita is cooking sweets. Shastri

ji is coming. Everyone is excited as he will find a mahurat of Preeti-Pushkar’s wedding. Mama ji is worried about money. Mami assures him Sumo had a word with Ramnath ji. Mama ji finds it wrong as he is Preeti’s elder FIL. We wont take his help. Sumo says I dint take anyone’s help. Everything will be fine. he is worried about the money. She shares that she had a word in bank. I have some good clients. They are ready to give me loan. He is a bit relieved. You have such a pure heart. You might take it as a loan on yourself but we will pay it back together. everyone nods. Preeti will be married off lavishly now. Nanu asks them if anyone has invited Malhotra family. mami ji requests him to do so. Nanu asks Sumo to bring his phone.
Vandy and Kamini are checking something online. The phone rings. Kamini laughs thinking the poor people called. She will speak in sad tone to cancel the wedding. Kamini puts the phone on speaker. Nanu invites her and Malhotra family over to their house to figure out the mahurat of wedding. We have invited our pundit ji from Banaras. We want it to happen before both the families. Kamini and Vandy are left speechless. Kamini asks them to come to their house. We are from the groom’s side. she goes soft with her words. Give us a chance to take care of you. Nanu agrees. Kamini doubts that someone might have helped them. How will they have this much money? Vandy suggests speaking to Ramnath but Kamini knows he wont do anything. He trapped my son to save his son. I will see how this wedding happens.

Rachna and Mami ji have a sweet talk. Sumo has packed everything that is to be taken to Malhotra House. I will keep it in the car. You can take it along. They ask her if she isn’t coming with them. Sumo lies about a meeting but they don’t listen to her. Mami ji adds that she wont be able to tackle Kamini alone. I will feel better if you and Rachna are around. Sumo wonders what to say to Shravan. What will I say if he asks me why I dint turn up yesterday? She tries again but they don’t listen to her. (kal tak jisey milne ke bahane dhundh rahi thi aaj usse na milne ke bahane dhundh rahi hu.) Till yesterday, I was looking for excuses to meet him while today I am looking for excuses to not meet him!

Pushkar asks Shravan why is he so lost today. shravan does not share anything. Did you have a word with Preeti? Pushkar smiles. She is really sweet. I was saying something to her in joke but she took it seriously. She has nothing like ego in her. it is my mistake but she apologizes. Shravan thinks of his father’s words. Pushkar adds that a life partner should be like Preeti only. He gets a call so he excuses himself. Shravan thinks forget about sorry Sumo dint even ask me what I wanted to say to her. Pushkar tells him that Preeti’s family is coming in evening for mahurat. Shravan asks him if everyone is coming. Pushkar nods. he goes to get ready.

Preeti tells Sumo she is happy atleast she is going. Give me live report. This is a bad idea that a bride to be cannot go for figuring out her own mahurat. Send me Pushkar’s photo. Be nicely dressed. Sumo asks her why she is doing this. Who is going to look at me? Preeti takes Shravan’s name. Why don’t you tell him now what you feel? Pushkar told me that there is something between you and Shravan. Sumo declines. we are only good friends. Preeti tries to say something in the context again but Sumo sends her out of the pretext of checking if everyone is ready. Sumo is teary eyed but composes herself.

Shravan paces. Varun teases him. I thought Pushkar will be ready first but you look a little extra eager. It is good! Shravan smiles. Bhaiya, you are right. I am excited as Sumo will come and ask me what I wanted to tell her.

Malhotra family greets Tiwari family as they enter. Lala ji tells them to make good food arrangements like in Preeti-Bhoj. Mama ji speaks in his style, assuring him it will happen the same way. Everyone smiles except Kamini. Mami ji is giving some sweets to Kamini but Lala ji takes it. Ramnath looks at the sullen face of Shravan. He asks Tiwari ji about Sumo. Mama ji says she will come with Shastri ji. Lala ji points at the door. She is here. Everyone greets Shastri ji. Kamini is irked to see Ramnath so happy. He left his headache on me. Lala ji asks Kamini for Pushkar’s details. Pushkar says I told them to Preeti already.

Kamini’s priest comes just then. She had called him here for mahurat too. I cannot take any chance. Both the pundit’s sit down together. Shravan and Sumo look at each other but she avoids eye contact. Kamini signals her pundit ji. He acts that there is no good mahurat for marriage for the next 2 years. Ramnath understands it to Kamini’s plan. Shastri ji announces a good mahurat on the coming 15th. Kamini points at what he pundit ji said. Shastri ji points out that pundit ji’s maths is weak. Pundit ji explains his logic whereas Shastri ji guides him about the good facts. Pundit ji accepts mistaking evening for morning. Lala ji excitedly announces the date. Everyone wishes each other. Sumo smiles but it disappears when she notices Shravan looking at her.

Mausa ji asks Sumo to give sweets to everyone. Sumo feeds sweet to Pushkar. Ramnath looks at Sumo as she offers him sweets. She stands tensely before Shravan. Shravan is boggled at her behaviour and silence. Lala ji asks Sumo to give 2 sweets to Shravan. He will anyways ask for another. Shravan takes one and looks at her as she goes.

Precap: Shravan pulls Sumo aside. I waited for 5 hours. Can you not even ask what it was? She says I might have forgotten it. Say what you want to. They look at each other.

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