Scene 1:
Location: In captivity
Both seher and sanam are unconscious, while a peer baba is shown praying to the Lord. Tremendous winds blow, and the peer baba prophecies that the destiny shall have to change its course, and the lord shall have to show a miracle, and the graves of Zoya Farouqui, and Asad Ahmad Khan are revealed, as their marriage is reminisced, and then the couple expecting their child, and their moments spent together as a family. the peer baba again keeps praying to the Lord, until finally a leaf from their graves, flies in the air, and reaches right to the window, where the sisters lie unconscious. The window splashes open with the heavy winds, and the leaf falls on Sanam’s forehead, and as if by a miarcle, sanam opens her eyes, as the peer baba prays vehemently. sanam eyes her sister overwhelmingly, and then tries to break from the clutches of the rope. she tries to drag her chair to her sister, until the chair topples over and she also falls beside seher, her hand stretched out just a few meters away from seher’s. the peer baba says that this is the beginning of a new chapter, and that its all done by the lord, and its his signal, and that bllod itself shall save another blood relation. Sanam finally is able to touch seher’s hand, and she too wakes up, with a heavy and dizzy head, by sanam’s touch. Finally, both the sisters help each other get up, and are overwhelmed to meet for the first time, knowing their relation, and hug each other, while tears splash down the cheeks, as asad and zoya’s flashback continues. Seher apologises profusely for sanam’s condition, and denies having any knowledge about it, and how she continued to harm her, despite her trying to get to her, and tells how dilshad told her the truth. sanam is shocked at Dilshad’s mention. she asks how is this possible. Seher tells her that dilshad never sent her to Shimla, and that Tanveer is respeonsible for this condition of dilshad, as she tried to kill her, and then also tellks about their parents’ massacre due to Tanveer. Sanam is shocked. seher says that this is a long story, and this area is dangerous, and they have to go out, as ahil is waiting for them, and once they get married, everything would be alright. They begin to leave. Meanwhile, in her car, razia receives a call, and asks the driver to take her to the hideout. As they turn, they are confronted by Razia, as she smiles evilly at both of them, while they are tensed. she taunts them at their happy reunion. razia asks them if they actually presume if they would have a happy ending, by going home, as she sppiled their fun, as now that would happen which she wishes for. she says that what they wish for, wont be granted. Seher starts reprimanding razia, for her lowlife, and double face, and how she tortured asad and zoya, and that she wont let razia poison her sister’s life now. razia is surprised that she knows the entire story, but there’s one issue, that if they try to ruin, she wont let them achieve anything too. Sanam asks her to fear the lord and his justice, and she shall be ruined, when she is punished. Sanam is taken in her capture, as razia takes her with a jerk. Seher warns razia that she shall break her hand. razia warns her instead to stop, keeping a knife against sanam’s throat. Sanam struggles, while seher is tensed and retreats. Razia threatens her that if she tries top act oversmart, sanam would be killed. sanam begs for being left, but razia shuts her up. Seher is tensed.
Qubool hai 1st December 2014 Written Update
Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Ahil mingles with the guests, and then finds tanveer tensed. He asks her why is she tensed. she again tries to get him out of the marriage, and asks him not to be so helpless, and just wants him to be complete doubtless, and not regret it later. Ahil says that he loves sanam very much, and if they stop the marriage that would cause them infamy too. he assures that he is a changed man, from the philanderer and callous towards relationship, that he was, and that he wants to prove a nice husband to sanam, and would never cause them infamy. tanveer smiles and says that she is happy in her son’s happiness, as she just wanted to hear this from him. He smiels. tanveer smirks evilly. She and rehaan welcome the priest, as she says that he doesnt know how impatient she is for this marriage. They enter inside. Azhar’s parents smirk about the bride’s absence.
Scene 3:
Location: In captivity
Dilshad comes to the shed, and approaches inside stealthily. She hears seher’s screams and talks with razia, about letting her sister free and is boggled. She goes ahead, and from a distance, finds seher, tied to a pillar, and sanam in a cubicle, which is increasingly getting full of water. She is apalled, as sanam too is distraught, while razia enjoys amusingly on a chair. The screen freezes on Dilshad’s face.
Precap: As ahil gives his agreement to the marriage, while the bride sits on the other side, everyone is happy. Just then, sanam enters with seher, and azhar’s mother is shocked thinking that if sanam is on the door, who’s dressed as a bride. Ahil and rehaan are shocked at their revelation, and on top of that, they find the twin sisters.
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Qubool Hai

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