Jamai Raja 12 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Jamai Raja 12 July 2016 Written episode Update. Jamai Raja today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Sid asking Bunty to trace the car’s number. Bunty is surprised to see his selfless love. Sid says he is a normal man who wants her to be happy. Neil comes and says they are tracing the car. Mitul thinks to do touch up her make up and starts doing it. Roshni tries to open hand cuff. Mitul takes a selfie with knife and gets happy. Roshni manages to open her hands cuff. Mitul covers her head and face with black cloth and takes selfie. Roshni opens her blind fold and hits her with rod. Mitul faints and fall down. Roshni is about to see her face, but just then Ranjeet comes and hits on her head making her unconscious. Neil gets Inspector’s call and is informed about car’s address. Sid asks Neil not to worry and says we will not let anything happen to Roshni. They take Roshni’s thumb impressions on some papers.

Mitul calls someone and says work is done, and they will be reaching there soon with papers. Neil and Sid are on the way. Mitul and Ranjeet check the papers and get happy. They hear car coming and get alerted. Sid and Neil come there and sees Roshni tied. Neil opens her hand cuff while Sid runs after the kidnappers. Sid asks them to come infront of him. Neil tries to make her gain consciousness and asks are you fine. Roshni gains consciousness and hugs him scared. She says I heard kidnappers talking about taking my signatures on some papers. Mitul and Ranjeet run outside and sit in car. Sid runs outside, but they are about to escape in car.

Doctor comes out and tells that Neil has a major leg injury. Naina cries. Roshni says Neil will be fine. Naina accuses Roshni and asks who will make him fine, you? She says this is happening because of you. Everything is ruined the day when you came here after marriage. I have done a big sin by getting you married to my son. I did a big mistake. Roshni cries. Sid looks on.

Roshni is crying. Sid says whatever is happening, we couldn’t see, but I will find out. Whoever keeps bad eye on your family have to face me.

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