Shakti 12 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Shakti 12 July 2016 Written episode Update. Shakti today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Nimmi telling Saya that God made mum as he couldn’t be everywhere. She tells about mother’s power for protecting her child. Saya asks her to accept the challenge if she is so sure on her belief. She says if Soumya manages to stay at her inlaws place for 21 days then I will never look at her again. Nimmi gets thinking. She recalls Harman promising her that he will take care of Soumya even if he finds that Soumya is a candle doll. She thinks Harman telling that he will support and hold her all his life. A fb is shown. Nimmi thinks Harman can be Soumya’s shakti from now. She accepts her challenge and asks her not to roam around Soumya till 21 days, and if she loses the challenge then she will give Soumya in her hand. She prays to God to prove her trust right.


friends ask him why is he getting married to the wrong girl. Harman says Soumya is so innocent and her face is like something mixed in sindoor, and her voice is so pleasant to hear. He says Gulabo….Tera Ishq Ka Teri Ibadat plays……………Soumya gets sad and recalls their childhood incident. She thinks about Soumya’s concern and love for her, and thinks of her words that she felt safe with him. Surbhi thinks I am happy for you. Just then Soumya comes there, Surbhi asks her to select bangle. Soumya says she will wear color of Harman’s choice. Surbhi calls Harman and give call to Soumya. Harman asks who is speaking? Soumya says she is Soumya..and asks him what is his color. Harman looks at his complexion and says you have seen me. I am fair. He collides with someone and the call gets disconnected. The lassi falls down from servant’s hand. Soumya tells Surbhi that he said his color is fair.
Surbhi says what does it mean. Soumya asks her to keep her favorite colors bangles. Surbhi says she will match the bangles and keep. Harman calls Soumya. Surbhi picks the call. He says complexion doesn’t matter to him and says even though he is fair but now he has become colorful. He asks do you like me. Surbhi is silent and thinks I would have told you if you have spoken to me, I would have said that I love you so much. Harman asks her to say. Surbhi says she is Surbhi. Harman says mirchi powder…and asks why didn’t you tell me. Surbhi says you didn’t give me a chance to speak. She ends the call and cries.

Maninder comes home and asks Bebe if Saya didn’t come. Bebe says she couldn’t do anything and left. Soumya is still in her room, getting ready for her marriage functions. Maninder gets angry. He goes to meet Saya and says Soumya’s marriage will ruin his respect. He says if you can’t kill her then I will kill her. Saya warns him not to touch Soumya or her for 21 days and says she has given word to a mum. Maninder thinks if everyone wants Soumya’s bidaai then she will leave, but on arthi. Mehendi designer asks Soumya to close eyes. Soumya says if I close eyes then how can I look at the function. Surbhi says she will also close eyes and will not see the function if her di is not seeing. They closes the eyes.

Preeto calls someone and says pick the call. Harman’s cousin calls her. Preeto gets angry. Maninder comes and eyes Soumya angrily. Mehendi designer asks Nimmi to get mehendi applied on her hand. Nimmi says she has so much work to do. Maninder goes angrily to room and says this marriage can’t happen.

Harak Singh asks the pandit ji to have maha bhoj and bless his son for his happy married life. Harman asks Pandit ji to bless them. Chachi asks Harman to serve the bhog in everyone’s plate and says he doesn’t know that his respect will increase in the house and he is getting prince like feeling. He is about to serve the bhog when someone comes and stops him, saying this marriage can’t happen. Harman eyes him.

Maninder sees Soumya standing and is about to push her. Harman promises that he will not marry anyone.

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