Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12 July 2016 Written episode Update. Ishq Ka Rang Safed today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Dulaari asking Anshuman, if his mum haven’t told him about her. Anshuman says she showed me your saree and said that you was drowned in floods. Dulaari says your Maayi had kicked me out of house and said that you don’t like me. Anshuman says this can’t happen and is shocked. Dulaari says this had happened. She asks can’t you figure out what had happened with your wife in your house, and says your mum had troubled me. She says she kicked me out when Dhaani was in my womb. She cries. Anshuman asks you know that I love you very much, then why did you believe that I don’t like you and hate you. Dulaari says I didn’t agree, but your mum had forced me to believe. Anshuman says we have stayed apart since years, if you would come back to me, then we would have been

together happily. Dhaani recalls Viplav asking to clear the misunderstandings else they will be on the same place. Dulaari says everything is changed, our worlds have changed now. She asks him to go. She tells Viplav that she don’t want to hear him. Dhaani cries comforting her mum. Everyone get teary eyes. Anshuman goes, followed by Viplav.
Viplav calls Anshuman while he is leaving and asks will you leave before blessing Vidha. Anshuman says my blessings are with you. Viplav asks him to bless Vidha on her birthday. Anshuman says everything is over. Viplav says relations can’t end and says Vidha is lucky to have nani and nani’s blessings. Anshuman says my daughter is lucky to get a good man like you, and says he don’t want Dulaari to be sad if he stays back. Viplav says relations are delicate, and says Dulaari understands emotions better. He takes his blessings. Anshuman blesses him and asks him to take care of Dulaari and Dhaani. Viplav promises to bring him back and unite him with family.

Parshiya asks Pakiya to get spot light for Vidha’s birthday. He makes all the arrangements. Vidha tries to talk to him, but he is busy. Viplav comes to her and asks what is going on. Vidha says everyone is busy. Viplav says I thought this arrangement is for your birthday party. Vidha says yes and invites him. She asks him what is he hiding in his hand. Viplav shows paper wind and asks what is this. Vidha says it is paper wind. Viplav says I have something else also, and shows the friendship band. Vidha says it is friendship band. Viplav and Vidha ties friendship band on each other hands. Vidha asks if you have any friend? Viplav says he has a girl friend, elder than her but she is angry with him now. Vidha says she can make umbrella with paper wind.

Parshiya asks Pakiya to hurry up with the arrangement. He sees Vidha with Viplav and thinks he is taking her to his side. He thinks I will throw such a party and will surprise them. He asks decorator about rich people party. He says magician, joker, dancer are hired for the party, but then the expenses will be more. Parshiya says he will spend any amount and asks him not to worry about expenses. Dhaani asks Vidha to come and wear birthday dress. Viplav looks at Dhaani’s mangalsutra in his hand. Parshiya takes money from someone at high interest. The money lenders see Dhaani coming and says she is a mast item and that’s why Parshiya has taken money at high interest. He says we can spend lakhs on her.

Viplav gets angry and asks what did you say? He holds his collar and hits him. Parshiya comes to their rescue and asks them to leave. Viplav says I can’t hear nonsense against Dhaani and warns Parshiya not to let his friends come to basti again. Parshiya asks who are you to interfere and asks him to leave. Dhaani tells Viplav that she trusts Parshiya and those guys are his friends. She says you are an outsider here. Parshiya asks him to leave from there. Viplav asks him not to interfere between them. Dhaani asks him to go and threatens to cancel the party.

Vidha gets ready for the party. She shows her dress. Parshiya smiles looking at her. Decorator says joker couldn’t come. Parshiya asks how can it happen and gets angry on him. Magician shows his magic. Dhaani asks Parshiya why did you spend so much on party. Parshiya says I didn’t spend much and says Vidha is looking happy. Dhaani asks him to spend within limits. Parshiya says I have done this for you and Vidha. He asks her to enjoy the party. Dhaani thanks him. Parshiya thinks I can give away my life for you and can do anything to spend my life with you. He decides to confess love to Dhaani.

Vidha refuses to cut cake until Viplav comes back. Dhaani and Dulaari try to convince her. Just then joker (Viplav) comes. Everyone looks on surprisingly.

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