Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 1st December 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with, suku says umesh I will get ready n then we shall go to shop, kirti gets a call from ritesh she says wait I will meet u in 10min, nisha says umesh we will find some way, umesh says nisha plz u know it me n aman have no future in this house, I wish I had ignored her the day I saw her, nisha says don’t give up we cousins will surely find a way, umesh says I love aman for me she is my life now I can do anything for her, nisha I cant tell u wat is love, for me aman is my world all think umesh is gone mad behind this girl but wat to do its love n its is that way just think nisha u fall in love with a guy just think that ur heart says he is all urs but he isn’t jain wat will u do know, forget it, suku comes n says umesh lets go. Umesh n suku leave.
Priyanka wakes up n sees viraj at her door, viraj says priyanka u had shooting practice where were u, wats wrong with u, why aren’t u able to concentrate, priyanka says ya some things aren’t letting me concentrate n it’s the one whom I love, viraj smiles n says ur love has made u weak, priyanka says u also were in love u know it , wat abt kira avantika, viraj says that wasn’t love, priyanka says if it wasn’t love then why does it hurt u, viraj says priyanka u have to fight it, I want the best shooter back, priyanka says u wont understand wat is love, viraj says not now get ready for the practice.
Nisha thinking abt wat umesh tell abt love goes to academy n so does viraj thinking abt wat did priyanka tell abt love, nisha fall again n viraj catches her in his arms, viraj says I hope ur ok, nisha says yes im n u, viraj smiles, nisha says why are u smiling u can get hurt as well, viarj says im smiling bcoz I know we both are hurt n are hiding it, n why are u late, nisha says sir it is first time, viraj says this isn’t ur home ground match that ur first foul is allowed, nisha says sorry sir, viraj says I don’t understand how did u reach the state level for archery bcoz I see no focus, nisha says sir I do have focus, viraj says ok prove then with all the work ur now assigned priyank as ur job n that means as u cured her cramp u will bring her focus back, nisha says ok sir, viraj says nisha I very rarely trust someone don’t lose it, nisha says sir I wont.
Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 1st December 2014 Written Update
Ramesh comes to academy to give nisha Tiffin, nisha says dad u don’t have to do this, nisha says u wait here I will be back in 2 min, ramesh sits down n sings a song, gayatri passing by hears it n says oh my my I so love this song its such a old song, ramesh says in deed it is I had all the songs collection of the singer but I lost it, gayatri says oh never mind u can have it from me, n let me tell u ur very charming, ramesh says thanku u too n u are, gayatri says im gayatri this is my academy i mean my nephews, n u are, ramesh says my daughter works here nisha, gayatri says oh (in mind says such stupid girl has so handsome dad) gayatri gets a call n says I have to leave do call me when ur back. Nisha comes n says why are u smiling, ramesh says I met gayatri, nisha says u liked her, ramesh says yes why, nisha says nothing.
Nisha ask peon to offer priyanka n her firnds coffee, nisha gives viraj a file to sign but the pen doesn’t work, viraj signs it with other pen hands nisha the file n leaves,after few minutes viraj sees nisha packing boxes one of sweet n other of bullets, viraj leaves , nisha by mistake gives bullet box to gayatri n sweet box keeps it practice place.
Priyanka tells viraj that the office assistant has kept sweets instead of bullets, viraj asks nisha where are bullets n says I have sweets only when I know wats the good news.
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