Krishnadasi 11 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Krishnadasi 11 July 2016 Written episode Update. Krishnadasi today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Aryan says to Aradhya that we dont have any relation, now go pack your stuff and leave from here with your aaba. Kumudini comes there with Tulsi’s photo in her hands, everyone looks on, Aryan goes and stands beside her, he says now real owner of this house has come, outsiders can leave now, court has freed my aayi’s murderer but i will make sure to ruin your lives and that start from now on.
Minister says to Raj that you had to kill Aryan and killed his mother? whats wrong with you? Raj says we have an idea, aaba has doubt that Kumudini killed Tulsi, we have to put fire in this doubt then Kumudini will be involved in court case and Aryan will get involved too then you can capture that Haveli, minister asks them to hurry with things.
Kumudini sits on Aaba’s

throne with Tulsi’s picture in her hands, Aryan stands beside her. Aryan comes to aaba and says Pradhyuman Vidyadhar Rao, arent you finished with this much insult? you never used to stop insulting anyone and now how are you feeling ex king of Krishnavati, Kumudini says you cant leave Krishnavati, where will you live? you cant live on roads as beggars live there, you cant live in mandir as you are sinner, its raining outside, you dont have house where will you go now? take care of yourself, if you get pneumonia then your family will say that i did black magic on you. Pavitra says Aryan beta.. Aryan says all relations died for me when i cremated my mother, Gayetri says how can you end relations like this? Aryan says why dont you people leave before i do something, you people have some favors on me and i want to deny me so its better you all leave, he says to Aradhya that you freed your aaba so now go and find house for your family too, see what happens when you take side of sinner and liar, i want to see who is ready to support you in this whole Krishnavati, you will get no shelter anywhere and i will whole heartedly clap seeing you all suffer, now we dont even have any paper relation, he says play music, Krishnavati’s ex king is going to leave now, shashwat says to aaba that lets leave, Pavitra lets go. Aryan doesnt seem phased at all, they all start leaving when Aradhya says stop, no one has to go anywhere, she eyes Aryan and says you said what you wanted to say but now its my turn, what you said that we will not get any shelter in Krishnavati? you said in your ego and what you said Kumudini that sinners dont get place in mandir? but you know pious woman had prepared for my shelter way before.
Raj says to Purva that how will we involve in Kumudini in murder case? will you think anything or i have to think all of it? all i see is jail, noose and handcuffs in my hand. Purva opens drawer and shows him gun, he asks if you wanna kill me? Purva says i feel like killing you for your ramble but you are brother, you think i dont have mind and i cant thinks, according to reports this is gun with which Tulsi was killed, and Aradhya freed Aaba on basis of this proof, what if Police get this gun? he says are you mad? i will destroy this gun, Purva says no this gun will save us, bullet was fired from this gun so this gun has to be with dancer Kumudini, this way will be trapped, Raj says what an idea, this is great, Purva says dont say again that women dont have brain, Raj says no women are really clever, Purva says lets go and put this gun in Kumudini’s house.
Aradhya says to Kumudini that i cant call you aaji as you have taken that right from me, you have made me learn to not break down till end of your fight, you have let me learn to fight till end, there is one house what will remain open for me for life, that is house of my aayi Tulsi, Kumudini says dont you dare to even talk about it, that house is of Tulsi, my daughter, i wont let you stay there, Aradhya says that is my aayi’s house aaji, Kumudini says dont call me aaji and aayi to Tulsi, you wont get any place to live in this area, Aradhya says maybe Tulsi saw this day coming, she knew that you can do this thats why she named that house to me way before all this, when you got me marry Aryan by cheating, she called me that day. Flashback shows Tulsi saying to Aradhya that Kumudini is filling hatred in people and will show sometime later, i have made papers for this house, Aradhya says what are you saying? Tulsi says Keshav named this property to me, he didnt give it to Kumudini maybe he saw something too, i am your aayi so i want to secure your future, just sign these papers, i am giving you this house, she makes Aradhya sign those papers, flashback ends. Kumudini asks ARadhya to not cook up stories, ARadhya says this is not story, i didnt even want to get that gift from her because i thought this type of day would never come when Aryan and me were here but Tulsi knew better thats why she made papers with help of Micheal, Micheal brings papers, Aradhya shows papers to Aryan and says see them, these are not fake, see this is blessing from my aayi, you havent lived with her mostly so you dont know how she was, she wasnt like to make or break relations just by doing some rituals or taking wrong pheras, heart relations cant be formed or broke like this, you remember she gave my hand in your hand even in her last minute, maybe she wanted us to be together, Aryan throws away papers and says get lost from my house, from my life, just get lost, Aradhya says maybe you dont trust me today. Aradhya leaves with her family to go to Tulsi’s house. Kumudini throws Aaba’s pictures away in Haveli and says throw these crappy pictures away.
Jyoti and Kaka are packing Kumudini’s things in her old house. Raj and Purva are hiding there, Purva says to Raj that how will we put gun in her things now? Raj says her stuff is still here, we can put it in her stuff. Kaka and Jyoti are packing her stuff, Purva says do something to distract them. Raj throws away some tray to distract Kaka, Kaka goes to see how did tray fall. Raj tries to put gun in Kumudini’s luggage. Kaka sees Tulsi’s photo and says till when you were here, this was home but now its just walls here, he leaves. Raj puts gun in Kumudini’s luggage, Purva says mission successful, they leave.
Scene 2
Banwari says to Kumudini that from now on a new chapter will start, that sinner and cruel Aaba’s kingdom has been destroyed, now i will just work for you and Aryan, i worked so hard for that cruel aaba but now i will just serve you and new owner of factories that is Aryan. Nakku says i have thrown all things of theirs out of house ma’am, Kumudini says ma’am? you used to call me Devdasi dont you remember? she says now i will set your salary, she says Banwari you will get 20.. he says 20K for a month? nobody will give me their daughter in this much money, Kumudini says its not 20K for month, its 20rs for a day, he is stunned, Kumudini says to Nakku that you will get 50,000/- for month, she is elated and says i will work for you, Kumudini thinks that Nakku is clever and i will use her mind against them and that is salary for that, Banwari says why so much less for me? Kumudini says you remember when your family came here, you people were not loyal, you just lick money, i dont trust you, if you are not happy here then go to aaba, he will make you his dog, go and lick his boots, Banwari gets silent, Kumudini leaves, Banwari woofs and says i have literally become dog, it would have been good if i had gone with Aradhya, she would have been more considerate.
Aradhya comes to Tulsi’s house with her family. She says kitchen is over there and there is Krishan’s mandir.. she sees Krishan idol gone and says there used to Krishan mandir here where Tulsi and me used to pray. She says there are two rooms upstairs, Shashwat and Pavitra can live in Tulsi’s room, she chokes, she says Micheal uncle can take another room, i will make tea for everyone before aaba comes, she leaves being emotional, Pavitra goes in house with Gayetri.
Aradhya comes to Tulsi’s room and gets emotional looking around. Pavitra says we have to start from afrash Aaru, Aradhya says Krishanji always come to help in some form, this is our testing time.

PRECAP- Aradhya sees letter outside her house. Aradhya reads letter, it says that the killer of Tulsi is near her in Krishnavati. She goes and meets Aryan, she show him the letter, she says someone has written that real killer is near us, if we both work together to get to truth then we can find it.

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