Krishnadasi 4th July 2016 Written Update Episode

Krishnadasi 4th July 2016 Written episode Update. Krishnadasi today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Aryan says to Kumudini what you did? Kumudini says i thought you called lawyer to insult them but you are saying you didnt then who did it? Aaba says you both stop this drama, he tries to take stick back from Aryan, Aryan says you are not in senses, Aaba shouts Aryan.. Aryan shouts Vidydhar Rao, its enough, you are beating everyone since start but its enough, i should have stopped you way back, if you try to raise hand on any women then i will not stay silent, i should have stopped you when you used to insult my aayi, i used to see everything but i was blind in your love, i used to not see anything, i am ashamed to be proud of seeing on that position but you dont deserve that position, Aaba says enough, he tries to snatch stick from Aryan, they fight for it and Aryan unconsciously pushes

him away, Aaba is about to fall but Aryan holds him and says aaba.. Aaaba pushes him away and says dont call me aaba, all these years i was hugging and embracing filthy worm like you, Aaba has died, you will auction this house? you will send lawyers here? you pushed me? now you see how i finish this devdasi’s blood, Kumudini says you are threatening my grand son, Aaba shouts yes i am threatening, i dont care about anyone, i dont get afraid of going to jail but i will finish this devdasi’s blood, Aryan is hurt listening all this, Kumudini says dont you even dare to eye my grand son, aaba tries to strangle her but Shastri says enough aaba.. we cant bear all this, all respect is lost, you dont deserve to be sarpanch, we will complain to minister and will take your sarpanch back, aaba shouts go and complain to anyone, i dont care, committee leaves, aaba shouts that minister sit in my feet, he was made minister because of me, nobody can take my position, Kumudini drags Aryan and starts leaving house, Aryan looks in house and thinks that so much happened but Aradhya didnt even come out of her room, what does that mean? maybe Tulsi’s trust was wrong, Aradhya doesnt want to have any relation with us.
Aradhya comes to Tulsi’s house and sees it locked, she calls out Tulsi and Aryan’s name, she sees door opened and comes in house, she looks around and doesnt find anyone, she looks around in house and recalls how she used to spend time here with Kumudini, how Tulsi used to pamper her, she is in tears and calls out Aryan’s name, she says Aryan see its me aaru.. she recalls memories in this house, she calls out Tulsi’s name but she is not there.
Tulsi is in mandir with Chimaji, she says to Chimaji that in this revenge and hate fight of elders, lives of kids are getting destroyed, Chimaji says i can see that, Tulsi says Aradhya and Aryan are my lives, they will get burnt in this hatred, i want to do something for them, i hate living in that house with my aayi, i feel like there is only hatred in that house, i feel suffocated there, i want to leave that place, Chimaji says you want to runaway from problems? Tulsi says no i want to solve problems first, once i get to talk to Aryan and Aradhya then i will tell them to make their house away from here, live with each other, then i will go away from here, if they want to come then i will take them from here, in this city, there is only hatred of aaba and my aayi, my heart is saying that if i dont reunite Aryan and Aradhya today then it will be late then, Chimaji says calm down, what you want only that will happen, Tulsi emotionally looks at him and says will you do favor? he says what? she says will you help me to build new house and new place? Chimaji looks at her. Minister comes there and says did i come on wrong time? he taunts looking at Tulsi and says it seems like you are busying doing pooja, Chimaji says i didnt expect this from you, minister says there are rumors of you being in affair and doing things like these, you are busy in affair in this mandir, if you are involved in things like these then what will people learn? i am minister of here, our work is to do politics but your work is to do poojas, aaba has complained against you, you have shaken the base to call you saint, you are not saint anymore, fake people like you has affair with dancer then how can i allow you be in mandir. Chimaji stares him, he goes and looks at Krishanji, he sighs, he takes sindoor and comes to Tulsi, he fills Tulsi’s forehead with sindoor(vermilion), all are shocked, Tulsi looks at him stunned.
Aradhya does aarti in Kumudini’s house, she gets call from Gayetri, Gayetri says where are you? come home, there was fight in house, i am with advocate, you go home, Nakku called me and told me that Kumudini and Aaba had fight, Aryan was there too, you go home, Aradhya says i will go, she ends call, Aradhya says dont know what new twist will come now.
Chimaji looks at minister and says if you wanna ask anything else? i accept that i fell in love with Tulsi when i was young, we were one but i hided this from everyone because i was just seeing position of saint, it was my ego that i forgot my relations for my greed, i accept that i have did injustice with Tulsi but not anymore, i accept Tulsi as my wife with God being witness, Tulsi looks at him emotionally.
Aryan and Kumudini are walkign in markatn, Kumudini says he is cheap and egoistic, i wont spare that aaba, Aryan says cant you stay silent for a minute? you live for this revenge, this is market, dont start drama here, he holds her and starts taking her from here. Aradhya comes out of Tulsi’s house and says i just wish Aryan is still at Aaba’s house, i will tell him everything, i wont be scared of anyone, she leaves.
Chimaji says to minister that i had doubt but you showed me right path, after listening to your talks, my doubt is cleared and now i can live as a father and as a husband, he looks at Tulsi, he holds her hand, takes off this shawl as saint, he takes off all sacred beads he was wearing, he looks at Krishan’s idol, Tulsi is emotional seeing him.
Aryan leaves market while Aradhya enters it, she doesnt see him but feels he was there, she leaves.
Chimaji says to minister that nobody can stop me from praying to Lord and i dont need any position for that, did you get answers now? Minister leaves, Chimaji says to Tulsi that you wanted to make house away from all this, you wanted to live with me, i am standing by your side, he holds her shoulders and says we will go away from this village and from your aayi’s evil eyes, he hugs her, she emotionally hugs him back and cries, he says dont need to go home, stay here, i will bring Aryan and Aradhya here, we will start new life with our kids, he caresses her face, she smiles, he leaves, Tulsi is happy.
Aradhya is walking in market, she strikes with woman, diya falls from her plate, woman says it is bad omen, Aradhya thinks that why i am scared? there cant be any bad omen, she leaves.
Aryan brings Kumudini to home and says what was the need to do drama? Kumudini says i kept listening to you whole way, your mind is captured by aaba? that you keep spitting at me what he fills in your mind, he threatened you to kill you but you are scolding me? Aryan says what was the need to do drama? that is my house and i have allowed them to live there, i dont want this auction and all this, if you do it again then i will be bad for you, Kumudini says everyone keep scolding me, i accept all bad deeds i have done till now but trust me i didnt plan this auction, i just went there to tease aaba but i saw auction happening there and lawyer took your name and also papers were on your name, i was happy to see that atleast you started to be on my side, Aryan says i know you can go to any extent to take revenge, Kumudini says yes i can, but if you had done auction then i would have been with you but i swear on Krishan ji that i didnt plan this auction, Aryan says dont do fake promise on God’s name, Kumudini says i would never do that, i am saying last time that i didnt plan this auction, she leaves, Aryan thinks that if she didnt do it then who wants to keep this hatred up? who wants to break these families?
Purva and Raj meets minister and says we are sorry, auction was almost done but Aradhya stopped it, minister says i thought you people are useful thats why i made fake papers of auction but you are useless, Purva says Kumudini was unconsciously helping us but Aradhya destroyed our plan.
Tulsi is in market and thinks that i should pack bags till Chimaji comes with Aryan and Aradhya. She sees Minister talking to Purva and Raj, she hides and listens their talk, minister says i dont care about anything, i want aaba’s house, all of aaba’s property will be mine and other property will be yours, you can take my help but if any plan fails now then i wont spare you both, for all these years, he was king of here but now not even a dog respect him so i wont sit quiet now, i will make sure to take sarpanch position from Aaba, if Kumudini gets that haveli then i wont spare you both, Raj says we have to kill Aryan to get this haveli, minister says kill him then, Tulsi si shocked to listen all this, minister gets call from aaba but he doesnt pick up.
aaba is calling minister but he is not picking up, aaba throws phone away and says that minister used to slipper of my feet, now he is sitting on my head, he is not taking my call, he throws things away, he recalls how Aryan stopped him and shouted on him, he sees his pictures with aryan on wall, he throws them away and breaks it, Banwari comes there and says there is letter from Panchayat, people are talking against you, nobody will respect you now, aaba reads letter which is probably his exclusion from Panchayat, Aaba says no one can finish my identity, no one has guts, no Minister, not Kumudini not Aryan can destroy my identity, Aryan is behind all this, i raised him for 21years and today he insulted me, i will finish him, he brings out revolver from drawer and says you have lived enough Aryan, today is last day of your life, he leaves, Banwari thinks that seems like aaba will kill Aryan, whom to tell? Aaba is leaving house, Aradhya comes in and sees aaba going, aaba sits in car and leaves before Aradhya can stop him. Aradhya comes in house and asks Banwari what happened? Banwari says Aryan’s life is in danger, aaba has gone with gun to kill him, Aradhya says i have to stop him, Banwari says i will come too daughter. Aradhya sits in car and drives away.
Aaba is checking his gun, Aradhya is following this car, and says dont know what aaba will do, i have to stop him. She tries to call Aryan but he is not picking up, she says please take call Aryan. She says i should call Tulsi, she calls Tulsi.
Tulsi is listening to Raj and Purve, she thinks that i dont have time, i cant let anything to my Aryan. Minister leaves, Purva says we should not wait to finish Aryan. Aradhya calls Tulsi but she cuts her call. Aradhya says why Tulsi is cutting my call? i should call again, she calls her again. Purva and Raj listening someone’s phone noise and looks around to see if someone is there, Tulsis is hiding and cuts Aradhya’s call again, Raj says someone is there, Purva says it can be stranger, Tulsi says i have to follow them only then i can save Aryan. Tulsi hides in Raj’s car back. Raj and Purva sits in car without knowing that Tulsi is hiding in back, they leave.
Aryan is in his house and says if Kumudini didnt do auction then who it can be? i should call David, he knows about lawyer. She searches for his phone, he finds it but Chimaji comes there, Aryan says you here? Chimaji says i have come to take you, Aryan asks where are we going? Chimaji says i have accepted my mistake and i have accepted your aayi Tulsi as my wife infront of all and now we want to start new life but first we want to clear misunderstanding between you and Aradhya, i know you love her alot so you both should be together, Aryan says but.. Chimaji says dont say no, after many years this day have come, clear your heart from bitterness, i know i should have doen that way back but i dont want to waste time now, i want people to know you as Aryan Yashwant Chimaji, Aryan is emotional, aaba calls Aryan and says i want to meet you, ARyan says i cant believe that you called me, Aaba says i want to talk about everything happened in last few days, Aryan says i wanted to talk too, i want to clear misunderstanding, Aaba says so come to factory, i am waiting, Aryan says i am leaving rightnow, he ends call, Chimaji asks if there is something fishy? why he called you? aryan says nothign fishy, aaba have loved me since childhood, he recalls his moments, how aaba used to pamper, Aryan says maybe his love won infront of his love, Chimaji says i hope so, Aryan says baba.. today you gave my aayi her dignity back, thank you, i want to say something, i have lived with one name and leaving that it difficult, i dont care if i call myself Aryan Rao or Aryan Chimaji, if you dont mind then i dont want to change my name, Chimaji says its okay, go to aaba, Aryan says i will meet you later, he leaves.
Aaba thinks that today i will take revenge of 20years in one go.

PRECAP- Aryan and Aaba are in factory, Aryan touches aaba’s feet and says forgive me, Aaab pushes him away and points gun at him, aaba says you and your aaji have snatched my peace, Aryan is shocked seeing it, he gets up, Kumudini, Aradhya and Tulsi comes there, aaba says you have snatched my respect, my dignity, my house everything, he shoots at Aryan but Tulsi covers Aryan and gets shot in her back instead, Kumudini shouts Tulsi..

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