Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th July 2016 Written Update Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th July 2016 Written episode Update. Thapki Pyaar Ki today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Dhruv telling Shraddha that he loves Thapki. He says Maa cheated me and made Thapki marry Bihaan, and when I was making a new start, you lied to me about the baby, I decided when everyone is cheating me, why should I be good, I decided to get back my love, Thapki. She asks why did you stop me. He says I had pity on you, and I wanted you to stay here so that no one doubts on me when I get Thapki. She says I love you. He asks really. She says yes. He asks will you not leave my hand ever. She says yes. He gets a candle and puts hot wax…. She moves her hand away and hot wax falls over his wound. She asks are you mad to burn my hand.

He says this is your truth that you are here, you don’t love me, you love this house and the fact that you are my wife, you enjoy the luxuries

here, you left my hand, you are selfish. He asks her to stay here as she wants, if she tries to open her mouth infront of anyone, I will kick you out of this house. She gets tensed. He shouts on her asking her to leave him alone. She cries and says answer me, you know Thapki loves Bihaan a lot, what will be the meaning of you and Thapki’s relation then. He says there are no names for few relations, you won’t understand. Dhruv cries. She goes. Dhruv recalls Thapki. Kuch to hai…..plays………….

Thapki recalls how Dhruv behaved with her and Shraddha’s words. Poonam talks to her. Thapki tells how Dhruv took her. Poonam asks her not to worry, Shraddha told about the surprise. She shows the sehra for Bihaan and hugs Thapki.

Pandey family cries seeing a burning funeral. Vasundara comes there. A lady says its such a curse for pandey family, a member is responsible for other member’s death. Vasundara cries. Everyone cry and look on. Vasundara wakes up from his bad dream and tells Bau ji about it. Bau ji asks her not to worry, it was just a dream. Vasundara says it could be a sign of any bad happening. He asks her to forget it, its marriage tomorrow.

Dhruv hears Bau ji doing preparations. Vasundara asks him to hurry up, marriage is tomorrow itself. Dhruv hears them and thinks to do something. Poonam shows the sehra. Vasundara likes it and asks Poonam to make Bihaan wear it. Poonam says some work is still remaining. Dhruv says this marriage won’t happen tomorrow. He takes a lighter and looks at the sehra kept there. He sees the lighting diyas on the table. He puts the lighter petrol oil on the sehra and makes a line of the petrol towards the diya. Shraddha comes and asks what are you doing. Dhruv says you don’t need to know that, just know what you have to do, stand here, be careful that no one should move this sehra. He goes. She says my husband has become my biggest enemy now.

Preeti and Suman like the sehra. Preeti and Suman argue over keeping the sehra. Shraddha stops them. Suman says we will do one thing, we will keep competition between girls and guy’s side, whoever wins will keep the sehra. Preeti says then we will compete. Preeti tells them to choose the chit and perform on song or scene, the team who does good will win and get the sehra. They play pass the parcel game. Bihaan gets the pillow and takes a chit. He reads that he has to play guitar. Suman asks what is it. Bihaan goes upstairs. He gets his guitar and plays music. He sings Muskarane ki wajah tum ho…………….. Bihaan and Thapki smile seeing each other. Thapki also sings a song Bolna mahi bolna…. Everyone clap and continue the game. Dhruv gets turn to say shayari. He indirectly tells about his love for Thapki. She looks at him.

Dhruv lights the fire in sehra and Poonam gets injured. Bau ji tells Poonam that they will keep marriage after 10 days.

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