Sadda Haq 28th November 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Sanyu is uncomfortable. Randhir says we are in a relationship. SAnyu says yeah but there is a time for something. He says what time? We love each other. Randhir says truth is you don’t love me. Sanyu says don’t wanna argue with you she goes in and sleeps. Randhir says in heart I can’t force her.
Next morning Sanyu goes to kitchen to prepare the breakfast;. There is no milk. she goes to Randhir and says randhir where is milk? He syas I was hungry last night so I drank it. Whenever I can’t sleep I drink milk. Sanyyu smiles. Randhir goes to kitchen an says I am sorry you are right. There is a time for everything. sanyu says its okay.
He says no its not. Sanyu gives him lemon tea. sanyu kisses him on cheek and says relax. Sanyu gets a call. its anju/ Anju says where are you? In a PG? sanyu says I was about to tell you. It has just been two days. Anju says why you concealed? I am coming there. Sanyu says you are coming here? SAnju says yes I am here and looking for your building. SAnyu goes to randhir and says maa Is coming. Randhir says why? Sanyu says I don’t know.
Sadda Haq 28th November 2014 Written Update
Anju asks Shukla have you seen white building? he says I am the secretary of it. Anjju says does sanyu live there? He says who you ate? anju says I am her mom. He says oh great I wanna talk to you about her. There was no one with her when she came here. Anju says I was busy so she came alone. His wife says oh we thought there is some other reason. Anju says no me and her dad always know where she is. Anju says we are from Dehli. The wife says we are from Dehli as well. Anju says I was really worried for anju but after meeting you I am really relieved.
Sanyu packs randhir’s stuff. She looks out to be sure if there is someone.
Anju says sanyu will never bother you I assure you. SAnyu says leave leave okay bye. Randhir leaves. Shukla says she bothers us sometime. his wife says her timing is wrong and she wears inappropriate clothes sometimes. Anju says don’t worry I will ask her to be careful. Randhir walks in front of them. ANju doesn’t see him. Shukla’s wife asks him what happened now? He says fan got burnt again. she says whats in these bags? He says machine’s parts.
Sanyu opens the door and hugs sanyu. shuka’s wife leaves. Sanyu says I missed you a lot. Anju says you never thought how much it will hurt me. You don’t even take care of yourself. What kind of house is this? sanyu says tell me how you came here? what you said to dad? She says nothing. Ankit and your dad have gone abroad. SAnyu gets a call, she says I am reaching in 15 minutes. Anju says who is it? Sanyu says its priyali. she loves engineering she wants to go to FITE. SAnyu says just like you. sanyu says I have to go to coaching. Anju sees randhir’s shirt and says whose shit is it? sanyu says its for dusting purpose.
Priyali is solving question on board and sanyu guides him. Rajver comes in and laughs. He says sorry there is a joke going on the board. This question took me 5 minutes she cant do it. sanyu says priyali focus on what you are doing. rajveer syas why are you wasting time? Just say sorry to me I will handle vikram. SAnyu says go out its not your time. Rajveer says I have the right to sit here and I am permanent student though you are a temporary teacher. Sanyu sees that Priyali has solved the question. Sanyu says you are right why am I wasting time in her. I should apologize to you and vikram. Rajveer says you are right you belong to recedtion desk. sanyu says right we girls can never compete you guys. rajveer says now that’s good. now shake hands and be friends. sanyu shoves his hand and says oh she did it. what to do now? Priyali says I know where I belong to. Rajveer says you both will suffer. I will shackle your ego. Sanyu says well done priyali.
Sanyu call randhir and asks where are you? He says un packing the stuff. I have talked to admin. He allowed me to stay in college. sanyu says that’s better. Randhir recalls whe he said to parth I wont be in college. randhir says come and meet me. sahyu says I doubt I will get time or not. He says okay I understand. randhir says in heart sorry sanyu I had to lie.
Sanyu is teaching priyali vikram comes in and says continues the definition. H says am I right ma’am? Priyali leaves. Vikram says you have to attend a substitute lecture. Its there in your offer letter. professor Krishna had to go to a wedding I said no problem our teaching staff is efficient enough to compensate your class. Just a three hour physics class. I am sure you don’t mind?
Precap-rajveer says I went to vikram and said you take very good classes. sanyu is leaving. He says where are you going? I feel really good with you.
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