Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein 1st July 2016 Written episode Update. Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein 1st July 2016 Today HD Video

The episode starts with dadi telling tushar that its okay and you haven’t done anything of this? Tushar says yes I haven’t. paruls dad says then take the swear of mataji and keep a hand on the murti there. Dadu says why not and he will and he takes tushar with him near the murti. Behind murti anokhi is hiding with the puppy bullet. As dadu ad tushar advance towards murti, kunal and tushar look for anokhi. Suddenly the dog bullet jumps from anokhis hand on dadus shoulder and anokhis dupatta gets stukc in a nail. Chaos is created as more dogs come and people start running as the dogs are barking. Everyone is helter skelter. tushar and kunal try to remove bullet from dadus shoulder and anokhi is trying to remove her dupatta from the nail. Dadi removes a biscuit to distract bullet and

he gets down and eats the biscuit.
There a man falls down near matas murti as a dog barks at him and a diya falls down and the carpet is on fire. All dogs go as they are shooed. Dadu says a lot of mess happened here and suddenly everyone see that the carpet is on fire. Anokhi is trying to remove dupatta but fire spreads and she is trapped. She is finally able to remove the duppatta but she is trapped in as the whole tent is on fire. Everyone panicks and they bring water and dadu tells to call fire brigade. Tushar and kunal know anokhi is inside. Anokhi is shouting for help and is trapped. Tushar jumps in and goes to find anokhi. Dadu and dadi say why did he go in and please someone call fire brigade and throw water. Tushar goes in and covers anokhi who asks him if he is fine?
Dadi says tushar hasn’t come and tells guttu to go in but mom stops him. Everyone se mom, she tells why to put another life in danger and lets try to extinguish fire. Kunal brings in a pipe and sprays water everywhere and the fire is extinguished finally. Dadu says who is in there? Anokhi comes with tushar on her shoulders unconscious. Kunal goes to help and they keep tushar down. Anokhi is tired and drinks water offered by kalpana. Dadu says so much loss of money and dadi tells call doctor and what are u talking about money in this situation? Dadu tells I have told to call doctor and he will come till then just sprinkle water on tushars face. Kunal sprinkles water on tushars face and he wakes up. Anokhi now knows that she was in a misunderstanding these many days and kunal is not tushar. Then tushar gets up. Jassi tells how did you come here anokhi? Dadu scolds anokhi and says because of you all this happened and now see the tent is burned and wherever you are there is a mess and loos of money always. Anokhi is sad. Tushar says thank you to anokhi for saving his life. Dadu says lets go and tells anokhi to get lost. Everyone go. Anokhi says to jassi she didn’t mean to do this and then even dadu was there. Jassi says leave it and the situation is bad now and go home. Anokhi goes and jassi tells mom that first paruls dad said tushar has girlfriend and now anokhi picked him in arms and brought him out. Mom goes. Jassi is happy.

Precap: dadu is scolding tushar and says who is your girlfriend and why don’t you want to marry? Anokhi listens from out and says this is the right time to save tushar sir and she goes in and says sir I am his girlfriend to dadu. Dadu is shocked.

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