Tashan e ishq 1st July 2016 Written Update Episode

Tashan e ishq 1st July 2016 Written episode Update. Tashan e ishq today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Rocky comes in press conference with Pallavi. Media starts asking questions, Kunj says i know you all have many questions regarding my engagement but i want to show you AV, after seeing video, you all will be happy, my wedding planner is not here, seems like she is still getting ready. Twinkle and Yuvi comes there. Yuvi asks Pallavi to give DVD, she gives it to him. Yuvi puts in DVD player and starts playing video, it has pictures of Twinkle and Kunj close, when twinkle went to Pallavi’s room and how he hugged from behind, Yuvi sees media capturing it, Twinkle is tensed, Yuvi turns off Tv, Twinkle says how did this recording came here. Media comes to Twinkle and asks what were you doing with Rocky? you are married and still flirting with Rocky? you are same Twinkle Sarna whose MMS

was leaked too, Yuvi says stop it, my wife has nothing in all this, dont harass her, my wife is innocent, leave her alone, media person that you are Yuvraj Luthra, who made her MMS, he is involved in Kunj Sarna murder too, why did you marry your husband’s killer Twinkle? Yuvi says shut up, dont say rubbish, first check facts, this is my wife and she doesnt have to give character certificate, media person that it was you who made her MMS and now you telling us about her character? Yuvi says lets go from here Twinkle, Kunj asks him to calm down, Yuvi says i dont care, she is my wife and i wont stay here anymore, he leaves with Twinkle. Kunj asks media to leave, media says they didnt even answer our questions, they leave, Kunj smirks and is happy to see all that.
Pallavi comes to Yuvi and offers him water, he says no. Pallavi gives water to Twinkle, Kunj is staring Twinkle. Yuvi comes and sit beside Twinkle, he says forget everything Twinkle, we cant control what people think about us, people are here to say rubbish, but dont let it affect you, you are my tigress, Kunj says he is right, people just need gossip but not everytime media is wrong, they must have got some tip, i dont care about your personal life but if media remembers such old thing then it must big controversy, Yuvi did you really made that dirty MMS? i must say Twinkle, you have guts, even after knowing all this, you married person like Yuvi, i just failed to understand how can a girl like you marry criminal, media person was also saying that Yuvi murdered your husband, he got arrested too even after you married him how? Yuvi is angry listening all this? Kunj says was it that you were involved in all this plan with Yuvi? Yuvi holds Rocky from collar and says shut up, how dare you.. what game plan is all this? you arr doing drama from the time you have met us, you are targeting my wife Twinkle, who are you to judge us? Twinkle says leave it Yuvi, they have habit of judging, we will do our work, lets just be professional, Yuvi says tell them to not talk about my personal life, you are my wife and if anyone tries to point finger at you then i will cut that person’s hand, i feel you both are involved in all this, Pallavi how did Twinkle and Rocky’s pictures came in that DVD? it was with you Pallavi, Pallavi says so you are blaming us? Yuvi says yes, Kunj says enough, just because your wife was insulted today doesnt mean that you can blame my fiance. Servant comes there and gives DVD to Yuvi, Yuvi says its real DVD, Pallavi says now i understand i left DVD at table, someone must have exchanged it, Yuvi says why would anyone do it? Twinkle says why would someone target us? Pallavi says maybe you have some business rivalry, Kunj says maybe you both have hurt someone, you both have done wrong with someone and now he is paying back to you, its said that what you sow shall you reap, lets forget it and Twinkle is right, lets keep it professional, you both have got enough attention, we have to prepare for engagement so lets move on, Yuvi says Twinkle lets go, he stares Rocky and leaves with Twinkle.

Scene 2
Twinkle and Yuvi comes to their room. Twinkle is tensed, Yuvi looks at her, he sits on his knees infront of her and says i am sorry, Twinkle says why you are saying sorry? Yuvi says i feel Rocky is right, we get payback of our deeds, you are very nice but i have done alot of mistakes in life and you are getting payback of all that, Twinkle says you have gone mad, you were bad in past but you have changed totally, you are my best friend, you have kept my family united, dont feel guilty, Yuvi smiles, Twinkle says we need to find out who is doing all this, Yuvi says once i find out who has done it then i wont spare that person, but seriously Twinkle i am sorry for everything, Twinkle says dont be crazy. Yuvi gets call from Babee, Babee asys come home fast, there are some goons in Sarna house, Leela says i will call police, goon says i will kill you, goons are checking papers in Sarna house, goon says if anyone of you try to speak then i will kill you. Babee says to Yuvi on call that goons have come in office and are destroying things, Yuvi says dont worry i will come, she ends call. Yuvi tells Twinkle that there are some goons in house, we have to leave, Twinkle says you bring out car, i will inform Pallavi that we have to leave as its family emergency. Goons take safe from Sarna house and leaves, Usha, Babee and Leela are tensed.
Pallavi says Twinkle you cant go, Rocky have arranged dinner, i want you to be here, Twinkle says i understand but my family has been attacked so i have to go there, Pallavi says i know you but you remain here then i will have strength, i need you, stay here, Yuvi comes there, Pallavi says to Yuvi that let Twinkle stay here, Yuvi says let me talk to Twinkle alone. He takes Twinkle from there. Twinkle says to Yuvi that i know you will say to stay here, Yuvi says Pallavi is tensed and that Rocky is mad man, she is tensed and needs you, Twinkle says my family needs me too, Yuvi says we are a team so i will go there and you stay here, dont worry, Twinkle says fine you go and i will stay here, Yuvi holds her hand and says if Rocky makes you uncomfortable or you have any other problem then just call me and i will leave every work and will comeback to you, promise me that you will call, Twinkle says i will, you go now, Yuvi looks at her and leaves, Pallavi have listened all this and smirks seeing Twinkle alone, She calls Rocky, he asks what? Pallavi says our goons have done work in Sarna mansion and i have done your work, Yuvi has gone to Amritsar and Twinkle is alone here, Kunj says great, he ends call. Kunj says the maze in which i have made you get lost in, you will just now become more confused in it, you will remember Kunj the more you get lost in all this, your past will be infront of you all the time, i will complicate things for you so much that you wont be able to understand what is happening with you, today Yuvi saved you in press conference here but who will save you from me now?

PRECAP- Twinkle is in dinner party, she is drunk and says to Kunj that you called this troop right? she is too drunk and falls on floor unconscious, Kunj says to guests that she is my wedding planner, she has drunk alot, he lifts her in arms and takes her from there.

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