Humsafars 28th November 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Alvira telling Arzoo’s sisters that Nausheen didn’t call her and made her a stranger. Nausheen says it is not like that. Alvira asks her to prove and requests her to stay in her house. Nausheen gets thinking. Alvira says if you refuse then don’t address yourself as my friend. Nausheen looks on.
Sahir gets a call from Dayavaan Saheb. He tells about the project. Sahir tells him that we can’t delay the project and will make Saiyyara 100 crore company. He reminds him that he doesn’t have time. He recalls Zeenat words that business is not his cup of tea. He throws the glass. Arzoo comes and says she brought ointment for his wounds. Sahir goes close to her and asks how do you know about my wounds. Arzoo says my ammi….when my ammi was ill……..Sahir says you shouldn’t care about me. Stop interfering in my life. He asks her to get out. Arzoo looks at him and keeps the ointment on the table before going from his room.
Humsafars 28th November 2014 Written Update
Nausheen tells Alvira that she is fine at outhouse. They would have gone back if she is well. Alvira says that her house is big and can accomodate all. She says I am doing this for my advantage and continues that she is all alone although she has a big family. Nausheen agrees and insists to speak to Arzoo once. Alvira says Arzoo will say……..Arzoo comes and says I won’t stay here. She says she will get a small house soon. Alvira asks did anyone say anything. Arzoo recalls Sahir insulting her and says people will start gossiping if we stay at your place. Alvira says ok and asks her to rethink.
Kurti Apa comes and says I didn’t think that you can stoop so low. I heard everything. Our Zeenat is getting well, then why you are bringing Arzoo and her family here. Let Anam come. We won’t get you succeed in your plan as Kurti Apa is very cunning. Arzoo thinks about Sahir’s words asking her not to interfere in his life. She thinks to inform Sahir that she is going far from his life. She looks for her phone and thinks it is in Sahir’s room. She goes to bring it. Kurti Apa calls Anam and asks her to come soon. She sees Arzoo and stops her holding her hand. Arzoo asks her to leave her hand. Kurti Apa warns her to stay away from Sahir and says she is well aware of her intentions.
Arzoo goes to Sahir’s room. Kurti smiles seeing Alvira and says Arzoo said that she is leaving from here. You are trying to get Sahir and Arzoo closer, if it was a misunderstanding. Sahir is trying to apply ointment on his back, Arzoo enters his room silently and tries to pick her phone. She sees Sahir trying to put an ointment on his wounds and thinks there is no one to share his pain. She goes near him and touch him. Sahir shouts at her. Arzoo shouts at him which makes him quiet. She asks him to give ointment and starts applying it on his wounds. Aankhon Ne Kahi Jo……………..plays in the background………She gets tears in her eyes as she feels Sahir’s pain.
Arzoo thinks no one knows about real Sahir. I wants to know, but I am leaving. Once I leaves, I won’t be able to know him. Alvira requests Arzoo to stay back. She tries to convince her. Alvira says we are not stranger to you. I am not helping you. She tells her that Nausheen will be taken good care at her house. Kurti Apa looks cunningly. Arzoo gets thinking. Arzoo agrees to stay at Nyamath’s house. Alvira gets happy and blesses her. She asks her to pack her bag and come home. Arzoo says ok. Kurti Apa tells Alvira that it is enough of her stupidity. What are you doing? Alvira says I have decided now. Only Arzoo can heal Sahir’s wounds which he had since 7 years. Kurti Apa says God will never forgive you. Alvira says I accept this for Sahir. Kurti Apa looks angrily.
Zara tells Nausheen that they will live in a big house and asks why Alvira is calling them to her house. Nausheen says she is calling us so that we stay together. We will become lucknow friends again. Zara says their life have become filmy. Arzoo looks on.
Arzoo is drying her wet hairs. Sahir turns as water droplet falls on him. Arzoo says sorry and asks him about his wounds. Sahir reminds her that she is junior designer at saiyyara and asks her not to become something. He tells her that he has some rules and says I don’t like you. Stay away from me. He leaves. Arzoo looks tensed.
Precap: Arzoo tells Alvira that she made aloo parathas for her. Alvira asks her about Sahir’s breakfast. Arzoo says he eats burnt toast. Alvira says nobody takes care of him that’s why he eats that. Arzoo looks on.
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