Ek Duje Ke Vaste 30 June 2016 Written episode Update. Ek Duje Ke Vaste today and Latest Written story.

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Shravan asks sumo to rest.Suman says she can never cook,she gets sad thinking what she will do in future if she cant cook.Shravan asks her to stop thinking too much.He motivates her to never give up cooking.He promises her that he will get her well.She asks him what do you want ,you closed my pct and now you are helping me.He says yes we have problems but i cant see you like this.Preeti and pushkar are seen talking on phone about sumo and her cooking.He asks her if sumo knows about them and she says no.Dabbu keeps his pocket money near god and prays for sumos recovery.Whole family listen this and start praying.

mr mathur comes to sumos house and says third class food is coming from pct.He says whole staff is complaining about her food.He says i have to terminate the contract.Shravan says cant you see her condition.Sumo says he is my client and he can complain .He says you used to speak all high words.She says i still have the same staff,I don’t believe it can be that bad.Mathur asks her to taste food herself.She tastes the food and shouts for Preeta.She scolds Preeta regarding the food.She warns all the members to cook properly.She gives instructions to Preeta to make daal but she does everything wrong.mathur speaks bad about pct.She gets angry and herself goes and starts cooking.She does all the work herself,everyone are happy seeing her cooking.

She cuts all the vegetables and mixes everything and cooks daal.She tries to remove the kadaii from the stove and with great difficulty does that successfully.She gives the food made by her to mathur.He keeps staring at her.Dabbu claps and then she realises she cooked on her own.Preeta says this was shravans idea to get you angry because you cannot hear anything bad about pct and to make you cook.shravan congratulates her and says i told you right that you will get well.He thanks mathur.Shravan says you got well because of your will power and not because of us.Everyone ask her to make them taste her daal.Sumo keeps thinking about all shravans words.Title song plays.He starts leaving from there but turns back and stares at her .

Precap:sumo calls shravan and asks him why did you go off suddenly. He says i told you i will go after you get well.She says that means nothing changed between you and me.

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