Ishq Unplugged 30 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Ishq Unplugged 30 June 2016 Written episode Update. Ishq Unplugged today and Latest Written story.

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Mandy thanks Antara for her help and says he owes his life to her. She asks why did he steal his song when he knows he wrote it. He says when everything is going fine, why is she creating issue. She says she has moved on, but he is same arrogant and selfish. Mandy angrily fumes. Daadi watches their conversation.

Later, Antara reads Sunny’s letter that she is feeling guilty for breaking her trust and frienship, so she is leaving contest without informing. Antara stops her and says she should prove herself and regain her trust and even face stage.

Abhilasha gather all 4 contestants and explains next round’s rule. Final round starts. All 4 contestants come on stage. Mandy’s parents encourage him. Judges ask bollywood songs related questions. Shaan gives wrong answer and Mandy right and wins initial round. Sunny’s singing turn comes and she signs. Judges give her 7 marksAntara’s turn comes next. Abhilasha asks her to sing item song. Antara nervously closes eyes and reminisces singing Ni Mai kamli kamli…song.. She sings and dances. Abhilasha gets jealous.

Chaur comes and happily says she is her daugher and extending her hands says she is so proud of her. Antara hugs her. Charu says however the song is, if she sings it becomes classy. Nakul gives 10, Dabboo 10, but Abhilasha jealously gives her 9. She scores 29 total.

Mandy’s turn comes next. Host says he has get min 23 points. Dabboo asks him to sing his own composed song. Mandy says he has not composed ay song. Dabboo says he has to sing, else he will be disqualified. Charu shows a chit to Antara and says Daadi told this is Mandy’s song, she has to not let Mandy lose. Antara comes on stage with guitar and sings Mandy and her composed song. Mandy takes over and sings confidently. Everyone clap for him. Dabbooo says mind blowing.

Dabboo asks Mandy why did he say he does not have song. Antara says Mandy made this song. Mandy says Antara wrote it and he composed it. Host asks judges to announce winners. Judges announce Mandy and Antara as winner. Anta and Mandy hug each other happily.

Serial ends with Antara and Mandy winning the competition.

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