D4 – Get Up And Dance 30 June 2016 Written Update Episode

D4 – Get Up And Dance 30 June 2016 Written episode Update. D4 – Get Up And Dance today and Latest Written story.

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Baby dances while Mikhail asks her to do it again, he goes to show the step to Baby. Baby repeats the step. Baby says to Mikhail she will have to leave after first show, how he would manage the rest of the shows. Mikhail says it’s his problem, not hers. She must focus on her work only. Baby apologizes him. Mikhail demands if she can only concentrate on Soul Mates for the next four hours? After that, their ways would part, there is no room for sorry or thank you. He goes to see her dance again.
After a while Mikhail comes aside, someone drags him in the room. He holds a hand, Sonam and Amar were at once afraid. Amar shuts Sonam’s mouth, and asks her to talk about what’s important. Sonam tells Mikhail they always suspected there is something wrong between Tarun and Dilip. They boast

they got the truth from Tarun. Amar says Dilip kept a condition in front of Baby that if she has to stay in Goa she must get engaged to Tarun. Amar says Baby got engaged to Tarun only to fulfil his dream about Soul Mates. Mikhail asks if Baby engaged that idiot for Soul Mates, has she gone crazy. Sonam says yes, she has always madly loved him and she is like that. She can do anything for whoever she loves.
Baby comes outside, Tara asks her about Mikhail. Baby wonders he was here, she is sure he is going to hate her for whole life. Tara says Mikhail is aware he could never do Soul Mates without her, so he won’t ever hate her. Baby’s parents arrive, Tarun says he brought all her luggage and they would leave as soon as the show ends. Mikhail comes outside, Dilip moves forward but Kavita holds him back. Mikhail informs Baby he is cancelling whole production of Soul Mates. Baby says he can’t do so at the last moment, when the tickets have also been sold. This is his dream, he can’t break it being so close to it. Mikhail says it isn’t his dream that has the potential to snatch his love. There would be more shows, but if she leave him no show would be of any good. Mikhail assures her not to be afraid of anyone, if her father loves her he would understand her love and happiness. He would never let her dream break. He questions Dilip when we love someone we can never push them to the ways of sadness. He asks Dilip what he can get by enforcing his decision over Baby, would she be happy or would he be able to stay happy after breaking her heart. Dilip was speechless. Mikhail tells Baby he loves her, can wait for her whole of his life. Soul Mates and his dreams doesn’t matter to him in front of her, he can’t take a risk about losing her and doing Soul Mates. Either they would be together or this show will never take place. Tears fell off Baby’s eyes. She turns to Tarun and apologizes him, Tarun apologizes Dilip as his daughter will never stay happy with him. He tells Baby he loves her but not more than himself, he got a bit selfish. Baby hands his ring back to him, and thanks him assuring he would be a special friend to her. He leaves.
Dilip comes to Baby confessing he snatched dance from her, still on his call she was ready to marry Tarun. He realizes his love was very selfish. He accepts his defeat in front of her true friends and Mikhail’s love for her. When she was three years old she fell ill, he couldn’t sleep whole night. It was like someone took his soul out of his body. Baby hugs him. Dilip shares great elation over his defeat, she got someone who will always be with her. Sonam hugs Harry. Dilip allows her to live her life today. Baby hugs Dilip, thanking him. Harry comes to hug Mikhail.
Harry distributes the stage duties. They all cheer, and come to stage. The show begins. Mikhail and Baby come on stage. Mikhail asks if she would love him, Baby says yes. He asks to dance with him, she says yes, today and always.
The show has come to an end

The End

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