The Episode starts with the Black horses and Mountain rockers running to get the flag. Yuhaan falls and says its aching. Kabir asks him to get up and be a man. He says we will see Yuhaan later and leaves him alone. Anjali and Akash go to help Yuhaan. Arjun asks them to get the flag, and he reached before them. He reminds the rule to go there first, use mind, team has to be there, he is not dying. Anjali says how can she leave him here to die. Arjun says they are fools, how can they lose being near the flag. Anjali and Akash take Yuhaan along. Both the teams start making their tents. Both of them put the flags. Arjun looks on and says its tie. He asks how many members did not come. Raman says our 2 members. Kabir says just one from our team. Arjun says by Awasthi’s rules, so today’s winners are Black horses. Kabir is glad. Their tent falls. The mountain rockers laugh.
Anjali and Akash bring Yuhaan there. They drop him to black horses tent and go to their side. Kabir asks Yuhaan why is he annoyed, he had to win. Yuhaan says they have got him here, they were also competing. Paari says winning matters to them. Yuhaan heals his wound and asks them to back off. Anjali tells her team that they got late because of Yuhaan. Her team says we will make points later, you did the right thing. Anjali asks Arjun does he feel they are idiots, if anyone needs help in Everest expedition, will he leave him to die like this. Arjun thinks about his friend Sukhbir whom he left for dying. He says right and wrong depends on time and situation, when you are at the high peak. He says there is no difference between right and wrong, you don’t understand, you will know when you lie. She says she did not lie, but she knows its wrong if anyone is hurt and its easy to decide. Arjun says fine.
Yuhaan comes to mountain rockers and thanks them for helping him. He says his team left him, and Anjali and Akash saved him. Anjali says no need to thank. Akash says you can say sorry for yesterday. Yuhaan says yes, I m sorry, believe me, we did not want you to get hurt, when you fell, we all were shocked, even Kabir and Pari. Akash says no, dance and tell us. They laugh. Yuhaan says he has sprain, but he will be fine till morning, as they have to win competition. Akash says we will win for sure. Yuhaan smiles. The black horses see this and get annoyed.
Everest 28th November 2014 Written Update
Arjun gives all report to Awasthi and says he wants to come back, he is not needed her. Awasthi says Colonel has sent you for survival training, be there and come back in morning, you can choose your team. Arjun says thanks and relaxes in his small tent eating an apple. Vicky asks where did he get it. Arjun asks do you want it. Vicky says no, everyone is hungry. Arjun says you open an ashram and make Anjali the warden, be away from me, don’t pass the goodness disease. Anjali says we have to end some work before morning, and we should divide works. She says we will make two campfires, and two people will cook and other duties. Siraj says he will do campfires. Mansi and Ruth agree to cook food. Nikita asks when will the food be ready. Anjali says very soon, me, Akash and Vicky to go to jungle to find food.
The black horses tease them and laugh. Anjali looks for some food. Akash calls them and shows something. Kabir is unable to ignite fire. Mountain rockers manage well. Pari gets some mushrooms Kabir asks who will eat this. Pari says where will we get chicken tikka here. They see mountain rockers having a feast. Kabir says eat my head. Sangi feels hungry and faints. Kabir and Pari take her. Kabir looks on. Anjali, Akash and Siraj see Kabir and his gang seeing them. They all take food for them. Kabir feels ashamed by their goodness. He gives it to Sangi. Kabir gives food first to his team. Kabir hugs Akash and thanks him. Akaash says its ok. Both the teams hug.
The teams play music and clap. Akash and Anjali have a talk. She laughs saying he is mad. Arjun gets angry on Raman. Kabir falls and Akash saves him.
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