Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29 June 2016 Written episode Update. Ek Duje Ke Vaste today and Latest Written story.

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Shravan is in sumos room and making her do excercise.Preeta comes there and asks her to do excercise properly.She asks sumo to order for a new cylinder ,sumo tries to pick up landline and call on her own.Shravan helps her,they hear pushkars and preetis conversation. Shravan and sumo get shocked listening to that.Pushkar keeps asking preeti if we are not friends now then what are we.She asks him to meet him and he says he will come now.He says now i even have license to come home,i will say i came to meet sumo.Shravan and sumo look at each other.sumo says i had doubt but today it got confirmed, she says i will take his class when he comes.Shravan smiles looking at her.Pushkar comes home,sumo says finally you came, i was waiting for you.He asks her how she knew he was going to come,she says sixth

sense.Pushkar and preeti keep staring at each other.Sumo keeps teasing him and joking.She asks him ,if he had someother work here than meeting her.Sumo says shravan said pushkar had some meeting so he should leave now.Shravan makes up some work and tells him.Pushkar leaves from there.

Sumo keeps laughing thinking of pushkar in front of shravan.They both keep staring at each other.Ramnath comes there.He gets angry seeing both of them staring at each other.He gets doctor with him.Doctor makes sumo to hold vase and move her hands.He says sumos condition is not bad and there are a lot of chances ,she might recover soon.He asks sumo to build will power,he tells them to make her do things which she can even do in her sleep.Shravan says cooking and everyone agree.she looks sad.She says im not able to lift a pen how can i cook.He gives her painting example from her childhood.

They think of flashback where sumo is trying to paint but fails.Shravan says close your eyes and paint whatever comes to your mind and shravan helps her in painting.She says i could do that beacuse you caught my hand.He says but you tried ,so lets try now.Everyone take sumo to kitchen and ask her to cook.She tries cooking and her family except Dabbu and shravan leave from there seeing her nervous.Shravan asks her what is she trying to make.She says coffee.

Dabbu says shravan and me like coffee so make it fast.She is trying to light the stove ,shravan asks her to keep trying and it lights finally.She tries pouring water from a jug,shravan keeps motivating her .She accidentaly drops coffee spoon into the water kettel.She breaks down and starts crying.Shravan says give it some time,you will get well.Sumo says i will never be able to cook again.Everyone try to console her.She says i used to get happy in my life only while cooking.Now i cant do that.Everyone ask her to keep her hope up.She says i lost my hope already,shravan gets sad seeing her.

Precap:sumo says i can never cook,shravan calls her a fighter and asks her to never give up.Mr mathur comes and says your food is not at all nice. I will have to terminate the contract.Sumo looks shocked.

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