Kasam 29 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Kasam 29 June 2016 Written episode Update. Kasam today and Latest Written story.

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Tannu was shocked, Ahna prevents her removing the R from her hand. She can’t change her fate, only Rishi is in her fate. This is a miracle of fate, it responds if one tries to fake it. Pavan overhear this conversation. He thinks fate can never connect her to someone about to die.
The temple lady prays calling the Goddess to save her people.
Pavan comes to the hall, the knife dancers enter the hall. Guljeet welcomes them. Diler was waiting on a table and nods at Pavan. Neha comes to show her henna to Rishi. UV assures Rishi everything would be fine. Bee ji shares her worry to Manpreet. She tells Manpreet she wants her and Rishi to spend some time with each other, she wants them to dance together. Manpreet calls it impossible, as they aren’t talking to each other. Bee ji deters Manpreet to marry

him with Tanvi’s sister otherwise. Manpreet was worried and assures to think about it.
Tannu comes to the hall with Ahna. Guljeet was making an important announcement. He announces about knife-dance; whose team came from his village.
The knife dancers deny recognizing Diler. Diler explains he is a childhood friend of Rishi and came to give him a surprise, their boss is aware. He was determined to throw his knife at Rishi during dance. Pavan comes to stand beside Rishi. Manpreet comes up the stage to take over, he announces there has to be dance in Sangeet. He calls for clapping for Pavan Tannu, Rishi and Tanvi, they all suspect. He corrects himself.
Rishi and Tannu stare at each other as they dance with separate partners. Diler tries to throw the knife at Rishi but all his attempts in vain. The couples shift, Manpreet cheers as Rishi and Tannu come to dance together. Diler had kept an eye over Rishi from behind a wall. Pavan curtly watch them dance, Ahna and Bee ji were happy. Another attempt of Diler goes invain.
Rishi asks Tannu not to leave her. Tannu requests him to let her go else her promise would be broken, he has to understand. The lights go on; everyone claps for the performance. Saloni takes Tannu towards Pavan. Savitri appreciates Tannu’s dance with Pavan.
Pavan watch Rishi taking Tannu aside with him. Diler tells Pavan he is going to kill Rishi now. Rishi brings Tannu aside. Tannu forbids him come near to her, she is going to marry Rishi. Rishi demands what this all is, he wants to know the truth. She asks him to let her go. Rishi says he would give away his life but won’t let her go. He is dying about thinking after marriage Pavan would love her. Tannu says she won’t stop him because he would be rightful. Rishi pins her to a wall and says today he will fill her with his love. He hugs her tight, while she pushes him away and runs away. Rishi regrets and follows Tannu outside. Diler comes towards Rishi with his knife. Tannu was coming out, Rishi following her. She hits Diler and his knife fell down on floor. She leaves annoyed, Rishi holds the knife and hands it to Diler. He inquires why he has brought ths knife, Diler says there is a dance. Rishi was excited to see it in a while, and asks when he is going to do this dance. Diler boasts he will like his dance so much that he will remember it till his last breath. Rishi likes his overconfidence. Diler tells him whenever he did this dance, people remember it to last breath. Rishi wishes him luck.
Tannu was worried and suspect about Diler’s look.

PRECAP: Tannu watches Diler throwing knife at Rishi and comes in the way.

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