Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29 June 2016 Written episode Update. Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1:
Location: Grounds
Ashoka senses someone’s presence instinctively, and then the person whom he missed out obliviously earlier, through archery, confrotns him. he recognises him as a Gondna worker, and then deduces that since he isnt handicapped, he is Dakshin. he fights off and thwarts all attempts to kill him, aimed by dakshin. he grabs hold of dakshin, and asks him of the real gondna. he says that he cant spare ashoka now, as if that happens, then gondna shall kill him. but ashoka grabs hold and overpowers him, and then lashes at him, continuously hitting him, reminding him of all the atrocities that gondna put them through.

MEanwhile, kaurvaki gets up, and mumbles ashoka in her midsleep. he comes back to her, and says that he is right here beside her,

and that he has the raksha kavach. he places it on her waist. she doses off yet again, on his leg, while he eyes her amused.

Scene 2:
Location: Gondna’s hideout
As siamak tells helen about what happened, she finds it totally disbelieving. Siamak tells helen, that she should have seen the look of dread on sushim’s face fearing his impending death, instead of the happiness of ashoka’s death. Helen thinks that she loves this about Indians, as they get swayed by emotions, and they harm themselves by staying with the truth, as ten years back, she told him the truth, and he got emotionmal, and as a result, he had to face ten years exile, and when he came back, he got emotional yet again, and trying to save a girl, helost his life. she guffaws. she hopes that bindu remembers and complies to his promise, and give death sentence to sushim. siamak says that once the brothers are out, then they can all rule together. suddenly, they hear sushim come in, clapping and taunting them, saying that he finally got lucky to see Gondna, the one who everyone is petrified of, is noone other than his granny, Helen. he compliments her on her shrewdness and being alive, when everyone thinks she is dead. she asks him to shut up, as siamak doesnt have a clue what he is talking about. they talk about Princess Chanda. siamak remembers who he did archery with. he says that he saw that girl, and the girl was wanting to be near him. sushim is impressed that girls are liking him. Siamak and helen try and signal each other, while sushim, lost in his own vanity, talks about how he cant sit quiet and do nothing. helen asks whats his motive. sushim says that he needs half their treasure. she thinks that he wouldnt understand where she has hidden it. Sushim says that he wouldnt get even a cent, as he is due for his own death, as per bindu’s promise. sushim gets enraged. helen calms him down. she asks siamak to stay silent for sometime, and not try and distract sushim. she agrees to give him a share, he is excited. he says that ashoka is dead, since noone can survive that fall from such a steep height, but he wont die so easily, and even if he does, he would take them down too. they are tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Courtroom
All are apalled and grieved as they know of this incident. Bindu asks sushim to pray that ashoka be alive. he declares in the courtroom, that if by today afternoon, he has no news of ashoka being alive, then by evening, sushim shall close his eyes forever too. sushim hears tensedly. Sushim is tensed, along with mahamatya, dharma and acharya. his mother speaks up for him, saying that it was a mere accident, and sushim cant be blamed and punished for that. sushim says tha the truth is he wanted to kill him. bindu says that he doesnt need logic, but just his son alive. he asks acharya, to find out from his spies, about the whereabouts of ashoka. he silently complies. dharma asks him to be patient, as her heart says that nothing shall happen to him, as her lord isnt that cruel, that her family shatters yet again. bindu says that he isnt just tensed for ashoka, but Padmavati is with him too, and if anything happens to her, it would be bad for them. devi rushes in, saying that kaurvaki cant die, as the moment she has been waiting for all her life, she cant die without even getting the chance to relive it. Bindu asks whats he talking about. she is left speechless. vit uses his wit, and says that like any girl, she too wishes to get married to him. sushim meanwhile wonders what would happen if ashoka doesnt return by the afternoon. Siamak however wonders what shall happen when sushim by chance opens his mouth about gondna, and they shall all be in trouble. one of the doormam comes and says that Nirankush is here to meet Bindu. bindu gets up and says that he wont meet him in the palatial places, as a king. he walks off hurriedly.

Later, nirankush confronts them all, as they all eye him tensedly. Bindu asks him for the last time, if Chand is ashoka himself. nirankush says that he came asap, and talks about his itinerary whereall he went, only for the well being of bindu and his family. he says that he has got gifts for the queens and princesses. but bindu asks him not to beat around the bush and buy his way, and asks him to speak bold and clear as to whats the matter. he accepts the gifts. Bindu then tells that the reason he was summoned was that he has been accused of various offences, misuse of power, woman trafficking, and misappropriation of funds. nirankush starts palpitating. He then says that its mere jealous people of him, and hence baseless rumours are floating around. bindu tells that the allegations have been made by ashoka himself, when he was last week in pataliputra, where he saw him committing crimes for the first time. he says that ashoka must have misunderstood. nirankush says that he was at temple visit, then, and hence ashoka must have had a misunderstanding. bindu says tha the truth shall be declared only in the presence of ashoka, and hence he says that he would keep his decision on hault till ashoka returns back. nirankush is relieved and turns around to leave. However they are shell shocked and stunned, as they find ashoka coming in with kaurvaki after him. dharma and bindu are plesantly relieved, while sushim and siamak are aghast. vit rushes to him, expressing his happiness at ashoka being alive. dharma rushes to him too, and ashoka touches her feet. all are overwhelmed, as she hugs him and kaurvaki. she says that she is relieved to see that they both are safe and sound. then kaurvaki rushes to devi, who hugs her tight, happy to see her face. siamak and sushim are left speechless. bindu is relieved too, and asks if she is fine, thinking that ashoka must have definitely taken care of her. she remembers his attention and commitment towards her, until the place wherein he finally, sleeps, while still carrying her in his lap. she is amused as she wakes up, and finds him sleeping like that. se turns and he wakes up too. she hesitantly asks him why he risked his life for her life. he thinks that he belongs to her, and had to do so. he stands up, and says that this was the only choice to save her. he extends his hand for her to take, but she gets on her own and walks off. she tells bindu later, that she was taken good care of, which he would have done to anyone in distress. Nirnkush begins to go, but ashoka asks him whats the hurry, as the court meeting hasnt even started properly yet. all are tensed. The screen freezes on his determined face.

Precap: Ashoka confronts nirankush and asks him to spill out everything that he knows about Gondna since that would benefit him only, as today or tomorrow, he shall ultimately reach Gondna. Meanwhile, siamak in front of helen, burns with fury and rage, and tells helena, that he wouldnt let his father’s sacrifice go in vain, and that he shall avenge his death and kill ashoka, and not spare or leave anyone alive. she eyes him shrewdly.

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