Sasural Simar Ka 29 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Sasural Simar Ka 29 June 2016 Written episode Update. Sasural Simar Ka today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Worker comes to Pari and says ma’am please check the stage? Pari says what are you here for? I will check it later. Another comes and says I have brought flowers. Tell me which one you have to keep. She says what have you brought? He says all of them. marigold is 40/kg. And roses 100/kg. Pari says I should by marigold so some money is same. Pari says get 50KG of marigold. Ask that man to decorate entrance with them. Pari says in heart its a middle class wedding. If they had a good status they would have booked a hotel.
Kamiya is making garlands. She says no one is here. I have to go out. She goes out of house. Pandit is coming in. He asks is this bharadwaj house. Mataji comes out and says this is Bhardwaj house. Mataji says what are you doing here kamiya? Lets go in. You

can go wherever you want after pooja.

mahamaya is doing her vidhi. The candles blow. She says how is this possible? Come here all of you. They all do their dance.
Kamiya comes to havan. pandit applies her tilak. She aches but bears it, The thread is getting her hands white. Watchman comes in and says pipeline is blast. Please come and check. Prem says let me check. Kamiya goes in kitchen.

Kamiya says I think simar is coming here. She drenches herself in the flour. Simar comes in. Simar says what happened. Kamiya says I saw an insect in sweet of parsad. I came to make it, the flour bag slipped from my hands. Simar says leave it. Go change your clothes. I will clean this. Kamiya says thank you. Simar suddenly stops. Kamiya says you are getting late for havan. Simar leaves.
Kamiy comes to her room and changes. she says they will start havan again how will I hide my reality from them then?
The havan has started. Kamiya’s starts screaming. She holds her ears. She says I can’t bear this pain.
Simar suddenly throws up during havan. Prem runs after her. The witches do their pooja. Mahmaya laughs. Suddenly she feels better. She says how this happened? Only kaal could save me? This means that.. Simar throws up. Mataji says bring lemonade Khushi.
Kamiya laughs and says Kaal is here.
Mahamaya says kaal is here. He is in simar’s womb. See his power. She says these people will bow down to my kal.

Precap-Mataji says pandit ji pooja couldn’t be completed. Is it something to worry about? Kamiya says this is a good news why should we be worried? Remember what baba said? Karuna says you mean simar?Kamiya says exactly.

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