D4 – Get Up And Dance 29 June 2016 Written episode Update. D4 – Get Up And Dance today and Latest Written story.

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Mikhail tells Baby that he isn’t angry with her. He doesn’t blame her for anything, this is right that she abides by her father and lives with Tarun. She must promise that she will never cry again because of him. Baby holds his hand and hugs his again. He hugs her back this time. Baby apologizes Mikhail, she wish they could be together. Mikhail says no one can change the reality that they love each other. He says I love you to her, as they hug each other. Mikhail kiss her forehead, they share an eye lock before he leaves. Baby cries hard.
The next morning, in the academy everyone was preparing for decoration. Mikhail and Baby were working together. Harry informs Mikhail they have a house-full, and the next four shows are also booked. Tara also cheers, she was sure Soul Mates would be a hit whenever it happens. Mikhail observes Baby, then asks if nervous? She nods. He tells her she would perform even better now. He goes with Harry. Dilip comes to academy with Baby’s family. Baby was shocked, Dilip asks why she didn’t tell him she came for this to Goa.

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