Sadda Haq 29 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Sadda Haq 29 June 2016 Written episode Update. Sadda Haq today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Randhir says to Sanyu I know you love. You forgave me after everything. I am glad you are back in my life. I would have been lonely without you. He is about to kiss her. Someone comes in the elevator. They both step back. Randhir keeps teasing Sanyyu. She says no.
Kritika says to sumit where are you specs? He says I am wearing lenses. Sanaya says there is a big news. Sanaya says I heard Randhir and sanyu talking. They have patched up. Kritika says I am so excited. Kritika says joy you stay quite. Meet me alone I will tell you. Sanaya says there is another big news. Kritika says should we tell them? Sumit says dont complicate it and tell me. Sanaya says I heard they are already married. Everyone is dazed. Sumit says what? Sanaya says they walked away from each other two years ago. She

tells them everything. Arjun says they sound like a drama serial couple. Sanaya says we should do something special for this. Kritika says like not so grand. sanaya says what can you guys suggest? Arjun goes out.
Arjun gets a text. Joy comes to him and says everyone is looking for you. Don’t smile so much your smile is so creepy. Arjun says becky is coming back. Joy hugs him and says this is awesome. Arjun says Sanaya told me about Randhir and and sanyu. I thought everyone doesn’t get this chance, I called her up and said I am ready to commit. Joy says my tension is over. I was insecure with Kritika when you were single. Arjun says shut up. I never liked her.

Randhir is looking at Sanyu. Sanyu says what are you seeing? He says your pretty face. I didn’t see your face for two years. I am making up for it. He says why did we break up? Sanyu says we fight so hard. I don’t think there would be a couple who fights like that. Rnadhir says we are couple no.1 in that. Randhir says your phone is vibrating. Sanyu stands up she falls on Randhir. Randhir holds her. They both smile. Sanyu checks her phone. Randhir comes close to her and kisses her.

Joy says you are so stupid sanaya. Sanaya says what did you say? She says nothing. I said you are so nice. Kritika says we have to think what we have to do for Sanyu and Randhir. Sanaya says lets invite all their old friends. Sumit says good idea. Sanaya says but should do something thats just for them. Joy and Kritika decide something.
Randhir says to Randhir we are 2 years old couple. Sanyu says you are talking like we are so old. Sanyu says we skipped the honeymoon period. Randhir says we experienced the fighting period after honeymoon. Sanyu says I wish I could enjoy all those periods. Randhir says I will give you every happiness a wife expects from her husband.

Arjun says that yoyo went to Canada. Parth became model in africa. Kritika says Kaustuki is pregnant she can’t travel. Sumit says what about vidushi? Kritika says I texted her.
Sanyu and Randhir come in. Sumit says how can you fool us like this. Kritika says you should have shared with me. Arjun says seriously? Randhir says what? They say you guys are married. Randhir and sanyu are dazed. Arjun says we have planned to give you a wedding gift. Sumit says we wanted to invite your old friends. But they are unable to come.
Let me read their messages.
Parth: I am sorry I can’t come. I became a model. Thank God you are together. Randhir sanyu is a determined girl. Love her and keep her. Come to africa for honeymoon. We will have fun. I have a gf here too. I have pet rihno and I named it Sandhir. Randhir he didn’t tell us all that. Sanyu says its such a sweet message. He says no. it wasn’t. Joy says leave it.
Yoyo: Rnadhir and sanyu you are together. Randhir sanyu is top class. You can’t find a better one. And sanyu chill. If you two were not there I would have still been in FITE. I have a dhaba here I named it dream team dhaba. I wish I find a white here and get citizenship. My white kids will call you chacha chachi.

Precap-Sanaya is crying. sanyu says what happened? Scrap room machine.. Sanyu runs there. joy comes to Randhir and says machine fell on sanyu in scrap room. They both come and ask each other what happened are you okay?

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