Vishkanya 29 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Vishkanya 29 June 2016 Written episode Update. Vishkanya today and Latest Written story.

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Apu angrily injures her hand after Malay leaves saying that his mom is sending him and Vardaan to honeymoon trip. Her blood falls on floor and floor burns.

In the morning, Apu and Vardaan come near car to leave for honeymoon. Kumkum suggesgts Vardaan to take a lot of selfies. Nandita gives Vardaan some moral gyaan and gives something to use it on Malay. Malay says they will get stuck in traffic and leaves with Vardaan. Kumkum asks Nandita where did she send them. Nandita says she wants them to spend time together alone, so sent them to Ramgarh resort. Apu hears to her conversation disguised as sweeper and reminisces asking Malay to go for Nandita’s sake.

Kalpana comes to Apu’s room and sees a letter by Apu that she is going to kill Vardaan and Madan together and

knew she would not let her go, she is going without informing her.

Malay drives car. Vardan starts munching snacks and asks him to taste. He says no, he did not want to go, but is going on mom’s insistence. She plays FM and romantic Kante nahi katte…song..plays. Malay tries to switch off radio, but it does not. She drops sauce on his shirt and bends back to pick tissue paper. Malay rams car to a tree and angrily looks at her.

Apu SMSes Madan that she is going to Ramgarh. She waits at busstop. Madan comes and Apu says she knew he would come. They both get into bus. Apu asks him to sit in next seat. He sits yelling back seat. He sends SMS to Sunder that he is going to watch his favorite entertainment. Nandita says she knows what is his favorite entertainment.

Malay speaks to his mechanic who says it will take 7 hours at least to reach the spot and get his car ready. He waits for lift. Vardaan stands in the middle of road shouting Ramgarh. A speeding car is about to crush her when Malay pulls her and scolds. She then stands again and Apu’s bus stops just a few inches away. Conductor scolds her if she wants to die. She says says she wants to go to Ramgarh and gets into bus with Malay. Madan sees them and hides under seat. Apu hides her face. Malay sits on seat. Vardaan asks Apu to help her keep her bags and tries to peep into her pallu but Vardaan brushes her off. She goes and sits behind Malay and asks Apu when will this bus reach Ramgarh. Apu does not reply. Two goons enter busy. Malay goes and sits next to Vardaan. Goons start misbehaving with Apu. Malay fumes.

Precap: Malay beats goons for misbehaving with a lady/Apu. Apu hugs her by mistake and gets nervous. Vardaan gets jealous seeing this.

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