The Episode starts with Sandhya asking the mask making expert to make the mask very soon, and this should be highly secretive. He starts making the mask for Zakir. Sandhya gets a call. Vadeja asks the progress. She says Zakir’s face structure matches 88% with RK and asks how much time we have. He says he is trying, and she should inform him immediately when to stop the mission of it backfires. She says she is sure her plan will work. Zakir asks what happened. Sandhya says our planned worked and is worried. She says she is thinking we need time and the passengers may have every moment tough to pass. Zakir says we are doing this to save their lives and country’s respect. He says he knows they sometimes have to take strict decision, and even if no one believes her decision, he believes her and they need support. She thanks him.
The passengers have talk. Kavya asks Gautam when will govt free us. Gautam says even I m thinking. Prema tells Maya that they will send 20 dead bodies. Maya says are you mad, they will deny our demand, RK will be free after 5 years, we can’t do this mistake. Prema says then what to do, we will send 20 passengers and one dead body. She says if we bend, then they will know we are getting weak and keep more conditions. Maya says we can’t do this, we are safe here inside the plane, if we kill people, the other countries can attack on us too. Prema says how long should we wait. Maya says pressure is on them also. She says we have 75 passengers with us, if we kill them, it will be very bad for us too.
Chavi and Dilip come home. Chavi hugs Babasa and cries. She tells about Sooraj, Bhabhi and Chaturi in danger. Meenakshi asks about Dilip’s parents. Dilip says they are unwell. Chavi says no, they were coming, I told them no, so that we can come first and they can come later. Emily says Babasa did not have food, we can ask Chavi to help. Mohit asks Chavi to freshen up and have food with Babasa. Chavi says yes, Babasa lets have food. Vikram asks him to have some food. Babasa says no, I can’t have food. Babasa leaves. Chavi says only Bhabho can make him have food. Meenakshi says Bhabho left the house on my responsibility and she knows how to make Babasa have food.
Babasa cries in his room and talks to Bhabho. He says he won the bet and she lost, he is missing her a lot. He asks her to come back. Sandhya gives RK’s videos and life history to Zakir. She asks him is he ready. He says yes. She asks is he fully ready. He says he said yes just now. She looks at him.
Diya aur baati hum 28th November 2014 Written Update
Zakir says come. She says stop, you have to forget you are Zakir. She says you have to think only as RK. He says fine, I have forgot Zakir and RK is ready now Sandhya Bhabhisa. She is shocked. Mamta gets stomach ache. Rohini is worried for her. Sweety says give her something to eat. Bhabho looks in and says she has to go bathroom. Disha asks her to go. Sooraj takes her. Disha asks Sooraj to sit back on his place. Bhabho hides and gets something from her purse. She gets some laddoos. Bhabho hides the laddoos.
She comes back to her seat and sits. She calls Mamta and gives the laddoos. She says have this laddoos, your baby needs it. Sooraj looks on. Disha holds Bhabho’s hand and says how dare you break our rules. Maya comes and looks on. Disha throws the laddoos and aims gin at her asking is she trying to act great. Gautam asks Sooraj to sit. Sooraj says she is not being to become great, she is my Bhabho, she got the laddoo for Mamta’s baby, does Disha have any shame, he regrets they are woman and does not understand a woman’s feelings. Prema says Sooraj can go against them and they have to do something.
Maya asks Sooraj does he want food for her, fine, come I will give the food. Sooraj goes with her. Bhabho asks him not to go as they don’t want anything. Maya gives him a non veg food plate and he is shocked seeing it. He says this is non veg. Maya smiles.
Sooraj takes the chicken in his hand and is about to eat. Bhabho and Gautam cry seeing him.
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Diya Aur Baati Hum

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