Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 28 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 28 June 2016 Written episode Update. Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Rahul coming to the room and seeing Harsh forcing himself on Protima while she is screaming for help. He is shocked and asks Harsh to stop it. Protima tells Rahul that he has tried to molest her. Rahul slaps him. Protima runs downstairs and tells her mum that Harsh tried to rape her. Everyone is shocked. Harsh/Yamini tells Rahul that he will do whatever he wants to with Protima. Rahul slaps him. Protima cries and faints. Sonali asks her mum to make Protima lie down on sofa. Upmanyu says Harsh can’t do this. Rahul beats Harsh as he says it is between them and asks him not to interfere. Upmanyu calls Harsh. Protima’s mum says I will take his life. Sonali says there is some misunderstanding for sure. Mr. Mukherji says do you think that my daughter is joking. Shilpa

takes Harsh’s side. Sonali asks Mrs. Mukherji to calm down. Yamini/Harsh hits Rahul with guitar and closes the door. Yamini comes in her real form and says now I will see the drama. Rahul holds his head. Sonali asks Chotu to call Manvi and Rahul. Raj ends the function and thanks the guests.

Rahul knocks on the door. Chotu opens the door. Rahul asks where is Harsh. Chotu says I don’t know. Yamini sees blood injury and smirks, thinking Harsh is trapped now. She clears her blood mark with her magic and says I would have killed you today itself, but the real fun is to make your life miserable. Harsh is with Manvi. Harsh says I hope Protima likes this. Manvi says we have wasted 1 hour in selecting CD’s. She asks why there is silence at home. Harsh says everyone must be waiting. He says you both are my inspiration and hopes Protima is meant for him. Rahul comes out and asks where is Harsh. Raj says he didn’t come down. Shilpa asks what happened? Manvi says we will not leave Harsh now and asks him to come. Rahul says how dare you? He asks didn’t you have any shame. Manvi says I thought you are joking.

Harsh asks what wrong did I do? Rahul asks him not to do drama and says see what you have done. Harsh sees Protima unconscious. He asks Rahul, why is he blaming him. Rahul slaps him. Manvi asks how dare you to slap my dada. She says My dada loves her. Rahul says this is not love but lust. He says he had hit on my head and locked me, just now I could come out. Manvi says what nonsense and says Harsh was with her. A fb is shown, Harsh talks to Manvi and asks for her help in selecting gift for her. Manvi asks him to buy CD’s for her and asks him to come. Rahul asks who is lying them and asks her to see Protima’s torn clothes. Manvi says her dada is right and she will support him. Protima wakes up and gets scared seeing Harsh. Manvi asks Protima to tell who had done this. Mr. Mukherji gets angry and yells at her. Manvi wonders what is happening? Why everyone is blaming Harsh. Doctor comes and says she has to give her sedative. Protima says no. Harsh tells Upmanya that he didn’t do anything. Upmanyu says I know, I have to find out who has done this. Doctor gives sedatives to Protima and asks them to be with her. Protima’s mum says I will not leave my daughter even for a min. She goes.

Nisha tells Sonali that she never thought that Manvi’s brother would behave like animal. Sonali says enough. She says this is wrong. Mrs. Mukherji asks Sonali why they are doubting on Protima’s saying. Sonali asks her to calm down. Sonali says I know harsh well. Mrs. Mukherji says I will get him punished. Rahul asks Manvi to support Protima. Manvi says she is supporting the truth. Rahul asks then who have kept hand on her respect. Manvi says have you gone mad? I am not supporting him as he was with me. Why would I lie? Rahul says may be you was in car and he did this thing. Manvi says he was with me all the time and says don’t you know about our values. Rahul says she doesn’t want to support the truth and says he will call Police now. Manvi says I am right and asks him to call Police now. Shilpa asks him to trust her. Rahul says if I don’t call Police then I will fall in my eyes and can’t stand infront of Protima. Inspector comes and asks if anyone saw Harsh going to Protima’s room. Yamini comes and says she wants to tell something. Harsh gets tensed. Yamini says she saw Harsh going to Protima’s room. Everyone is shocked.

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