Vishkanya 28 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Vishkanya 28 June 2016 Written episode Update. Vishkanya today and Latest Written story.

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Vardaan prepares kachoris and mint chutney for Malay and hopes Malay will like it. Abhi says he wll definitely like it. She serves kachoris as International waffles and mint chutney as rajasthani special chutney. Chutney turns blue and stinks due to Apu’s poison. Vardaan picks chutney to serve it to Malay and everyone suffocate with this stinky smell. Nandita scolds her that she served salty earlier and now stinky chutney to Malay. Vardaan stands sadly. Apu watches from window and thinks Vardaan will never know what happened to chutney. When people die with her nail bite, mint is nothing.

Madan reads hoarding of a UP dancer in ther area and gets very happy. Apu realizes he is an

womanizer and gets an idea how to kill him. Dancer’s show starts. Apu dances on stage wearing veil on song Munni badnaam hui…song… Kalpana kidnaps real dancer and warns her to return back to Rae Bareli, else she will die unnecessarily.

In Malay’s room, he comes out of bathroom and tells Vardaan soon moonsoon will start in Kolkota. She asks why did not he take her side when Nandita scolded her, she had prepared kachoris for him. He says he did not ask her to prepare them. She as usual starts her emotional atachyar and tries to come closer to him. Nandita enters and Vardaan nervously backs off. Nandita calls them both down and says she is sending them to honeymoon. M<alay takes her out and says he will not go. Nandita says it will strenghten his and Vardaan's relationship. Malay says no and goes back to his room. Vardaan says they should go to honeymoon as friends, else Nandita will feel bad. Malay asks Apu will feel bad else. He looks at Apu's window.

After dance, Apu walks on street. Madan follows her and starts flirting. She thanks him for stopping her from fallling. He asks her number, and she gives it. Madan leaves. Apu goes to her house and tells Kalpana about Madan's misbehavior. Madan sends her lewd message. She shows it to Kalpana and says they should kill Madan soon.

Malay comes to Apu's room and says he does not want to hurt her often, but she may get hurt hearing this. He asks what is it. He says mom wants him to send out with Vardaan to honeymoon, and he will not go if she does not like. Apu says he should go then.

Precap: Vardan and Malay leave for honeymoon. Kumkum asks Nandita where did she send them. Nandita says she does not want Apu and Kalpana follow them, so she kep it secret and tells place’s name. Apu hears their conversation disguised as sweeper.

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