Sadda Haq 28 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Sadda Haq 28 June 2016 Written episode Update. Sadda Haq today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Randhir says give me an idea. Joy says open a joint account. Sumit says exchange phone code. Randhir says shut up. You people will go on mars?
Sanyu is getting tattoo. The artist says you shouldn’t get it on the same place. then got it removed. It will hurt you really. Sanyu says I don’t care I want it at the same place.
Sanaya says it will hurt you sanyyu,are you sure? Sanyu says yes. Sanaya says I have an idea. Sanaya brings drink and says take a shot. Sanaya asks artist will it hurt? She says of course. Sanyu says I don’t wanna drink. Sanyu says I wanna go through the pain. I want to feel it. Sanaya says you are born in wrong generation. You people are too intense.

artist starts making tattoo. Sanaya says hats off to Sandhir.

Randhir says what should I do? Sumit says cook her something. Rnadhir says shut up. Arjun says take her shopping. Randhir says I wanna make her mine not hook up with her. Sanyu is done with the tattoo. She says isn’t it beautiful. Sanya says its just a tattoo. Sanyu says you won’t understand you haven’t loved someone. Sanaya says you want a painkiller? Sanyu says no. Sanaya says did you drink? Because you have no pain. This is unreal. Sanyu says I am enjoying it. Krirtika comes in and says this is so good. Sanaya says she bore all this pain for Randhir. Kritika says I can’t even imagine doing something like this. Sanyu says because your relationship is new.

Peon gives letter to Randhir and says this is for captain of your team. Rnadhir reads it and says our new mentor will take 5 weeks because there are no investors. Arjun says our mission could sack? Randhir says impossible. Sanyu is lead and i will send her to Mars. Arjun says send gf on Mars and enjoy on earth. They all laugh.
Randhir meets lawyer and says this is my decision and I know what I am doing. I should have done this before. Lawyer says are you sure? Randhir says yes. I have signed all the documents.
Randhir comes to sanaya. She says you are smiling. He says I took the best decision. Sanaya says sanyu took a decision too. But she is in pain. Rnahdir says what is it? Sanaya says its a surprise.

Randhir comes to sanyu and says what pain was sanaya talking about? Are you hurt. is it something at your house? Tell me. Sanyu smiles. She takes off her upper. She turns back. Rnadhir sees her tattoo. He says you shouldn’t have done this. sanyu says this is the best decision of my life. Randhir says Sandhir? It should be ranyukta. Sanyu says yes but sandhir is better. Sanyyu says stop staring now. She picks her upper. Randhir takes it form her and throws it away. Randhir kisses her tattoo. The song itni mohabbat plays in background. Randhir says thanks. He is about kiss her. Sanyu hugs him. Rnadhir hugs her tighter.
Sanyu and Randhir are lying on the ground. Randhir says you slept. I didn’t want to disturb you. sanyu says lets go in room. He says stay here. I want to give you something. Wait here I will back. Randhir brings a paper. Sanyu says what is it? Rnahdir says our new mentor’s letter. He said he can’t come because there are no investors. Sanyu says shit.. What will we do now? Mars mission.. Randhir says I don’t care we have an investors already. Sanyu says who? Randhir says you.. SAnyu says papa? He doesn’t have that much money? Randhir says I know father in law can’t sponsor but his daughter is very rich.
He gives her papers. Sanyu says are you mad? Rnadhir says this is not joke. Everything is transferred in your account. You will fund this mission. because you deserve it. Sanyu says this is a very big amount. Randhir says they are already transferred. Sanyu says this is too much. He says they are yours. Sanyu says tranfer them back to your account. Randhir says still they would be yours. Sanyu says why? Randhir says because you are my lawfully wedded wife.

Randhir says so Mrs. Sanyu Randhir Shekhawat. Sanyu recalls their marriage. Randhir says I know we never discussed this. But I always considered you my life. Sanyu says i thought you.. You don’t care about it anymore and that wasn’t real for you. Sanyu says i thought that wasn’t real for you. That is why I never discussed it. They hugs each other. Randhir says I love you. Sanyu says I love you too.
Randhir says to sanyu are you ready? She says what for? He says to be Mrs. Shekhawat. He says then what about kids? Sanyu says aren’t you going too far? Lets come alive from mars first. SAnyu says one kid would have your name and one would have yours. Randhir says so you have decided there would be two kids. Sanyu says I never thought you would think about our future kids. He says why? Sanyu says they are a decade far. but to think about it its still.. Randhir says embarrassing. they laugh. Sanyu says we have started talking so cheesy. He says we are cheesy with each other. Sanyu says if we get married again?
SAnyu says why we have to show it to world? Randhir says you should tell this to your dad. sanyu says dad has changed. He will understand me. He will understand what my happiness is. Randhir says thank God. There is another tension vidushi I will have to tolerate her. Sanyu laughs.

Precap-Randhir says I didn’t realize this day would come Mrs. Shekhawat. We have been married for two years. SAnyu says there is honeymoon period we skipped it. I wish we could enjoy it all.

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