Ek Duje Ke Vaste 27 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 27 June 2016 Written episode Update. Ek Duje Ke Vaste today and Latest Written story.

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Shravan is upset and angry on himself.He blames himself for what happened to her.He recollects doctor’s words.He says pushkar it was all his fault. He should have warned her.suman is taken in a strecher.They both stare at each other.Sumos family pray to god to get suman well soon.Suman smiles seeing that.Suman tries to fold her hands and pray to god but fails,nanaji helps her.All the family members cheer her.Dabbu gets a comic novel and shows sumo .He says i will read this to you and not let you get bored.Sumo says i used to read this a lot when i was a kid.Nanaji says not read, she used to fight with shravan.Suman recollects the past where she fights with shravan about the novel and then both of them sit together and read this. Shravan also recollects that and smiles at her.Ramnath takes shravan out and asks him to go home as her entire family is here.Shravan says im not leaving her and going anywhere.Ramanth says why are you doing all this.Shravan says it was all his fault,he says he saw the manhole but he dnt tell her.He says he is not going to leave sumo and go,if he leaves her then he won’t forgive himself ever.
Preeti is buying medicines and pushkar goes there near her. He says shravan called the best neuro surgeon in india,so sumo will be fine.pushkar tries to pay for medicine but preeti pays instead .Preeti gets a lolipop as change and then thinks of what happened between her and pushkar.She returns the lolipop and leaves from there angrily.Preeta is trying to feed sumo khichidi and says they are working well for the canteen.Mamiji says she will feed her, sumo says she will eat on her own.Sumo tries holding the spoon and eating but drops the food.She keeps trying to eat and starts crying.Everyone gets sad seeing that.She says she will eat on her own ,even if it takes time.Mamaji and everyone stop staring at her and she tries to eat food on her own.Everyone get sad seeing suman ,suman is unable to eat her food and shravan comes there.Suman says she doesn’t wants his help.She says my family members are here,so you can go.He says until you get well im not leaving from here.She says so i have to get well soon.Mamiji asks shravan to stay here until sumo gets well.Shravan asks everyone to go home.Ramnath and kamini are having a chat.Ramnath says im tensed because he is with suman,because once their differences are sorted then it won’t take much time for them to become friends again.kamini says maybe then they will fall in love again.Ramnath says no this cant happen.kamini says that she will go to hospital and get him back.kamini and vandy come to meet shravan in the hospital.kamini asks suman to get well soon,she asks about pushkar.shravan says he went to leave all the family members in tiwari kila.She talks all satirical.kamini gets shravan luggage and gives him.She says i know you won’t come home till suman gets well so take some hotel and stay here.Shravan says he will manage.Kamini asks shravan not to come home till suman gets well and leaves from there.Suman looks away from shravan.

Precap :suman asks shravan ,what is he trying to prove by being nice to her.He says till you get well im not leaving from here .Sumo says doctor said i might never get well so will you stay with me always ,she is about to fall but he catches her and says yes i will.

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