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Rishi tells Tannu that Pavan’s mother is also involved in this. Ahna comes to tell Tannu that Raaj is tensed and is calling her. Rishi stops her but Ahna interrupts that it seems Raaj is angry with her because of Rishi.
Pavan comes behind Saloni to the room, he assures he likes living with her. Tanvi is just an option, Tanvi’s child will be theirs. They will bring the child up, once Tanvi gives birth to his child he will throw her out of his life. Saloni says it was her mistake, when she had stopped him from killing Rishi and took it on herself, she shouldn’t have delayed it. But she will do it tomorrow, Rishi will die and in a way no one will be able to point at them.
Raaj thinks about Rano’s words, Tannu comes to him. Raaj says he has to say something to her. He always wanted to have a daughter, he considered her as his daughter. It seems they have been connected since ages, and she is his daughter. He promised to do her Kaniadaan, he will bid her with Pavan. He wants to ask her something. Tannu asks what? Raaj tells her he doesn’t trust Rishi, she must not do anything that puts her and Pavan’s marriage in danger. It is important for him to get Tannu married to Rishi, he doesn’t want his daughter to come between this decisions. Even if she has some feelings for Rishi she must control herself, she can show Rishi the right path. If her father was alive today and asked this from her, would she give this to him? Tannu looks towards him, tears rolling down her cheeks. Raaj asks for a promise from Tannu, she holds his hand and gives her promise to do what he wants.
Tannu comes to her room, crying about Rishi’s promises and then her promise to Raaj, thinking about her times with Rishi. Rishi comes there calling her and was worried watching her cry. He asks what Raaj said to her, did he scold her? He can fight him, he can do anything for her. Tannu was silent, Rishi turns to ask Raaj about it. Tannu holds his hand back, he turns around and inquires what it is about. Tannu says Raaj didn’t scold her, he loves her a lot. He has given her so much love, as her Bauji would have done. Rishi laughs if it was such a petty matter, is she crying for this. He can never understand why she has been crying. The weather worsens, Rishi calls the clouds to be calm and let him speak to Tannu. He holds her hand and asks what Raaj exactly said that made her cry. Rishi remembers her promise with Raaj. He inquires again what it is about, he is afraid now. Tannu cries while telling him that he wants… The bulb of the room again flashes due to thunderstorm, Rishi recalls their first meeting. It was love at first sight, but today he feels abit afraid. His heart is restless.
Tannu stops Rishi, she says today only she would speak and he will listen, and not only listen but try to understand it. She qualifies whatever they feel about each other and whatever is there between them. Rishi says he didn’t know there is anything between them. Tannu says everything between them has ended.
Bani and Guljeet come to Raaj, Raaj asks about keeping Rishi and Tannu’s Sangeet tomorrow and wedding day after tomorrow. Both cheer, Guljeet says he will just call the Pandit. They all go to the hall.
Rishi was upset and restless. Tannu asks Rishi to let her wedding take place with Pavan. Rishi tells Tannu that Pavan is married to Saloni. Tannu says he is saying this only because he doesn’t want her marry Pavan, Saloni is his sister in law. Rishi says Saloni is his wife, he came to know about it in Amritsar. Tannu joins her hands to Rishi demanding him to go away from her life, let fate do what it has written in her life. Rishi demands what about her demand to stay around her ever. Rishi cries asking him to go away now, and not to wander around her now. Rishi stands in shock for a while, Tannu cries. Rishi turns to leave, then looks behind to see Tannu crying before leaving her room.
Raaj and Guljeet share sweets. Bani brings Rano in the hall. Raaj informs Rano about the functions plan. Rani was shocked to hear. Raaj tells Rano he can’t put Rishi’s life in danger, he has already spoken to Pavan’s parents. Rano complains about deciding everything behind her in a few hours. Bani suggests Rano to give a huge reception in America. Guljeet spits they will also come to America then get settled there. Bani pinches him. Rishi comes there lost in thoughts, he hears about the wedding plan. Rano comes to inform him its his wedding the day after tomorrow. Rishi goes inside without responding. Rano was worried that Rishi is hurt because of this Tanvi, if something bad happens to her it would be good for them.
Rishi comes to his room, thinking about Tanvi’s words and cry there. Ahna watch him cry from the door. Rishi demands why they were made to love if they had to part. Ahna thinks this storm had to arrive, Rishi’s heart had to be broken. May be he hoped a lot. If he cries enough he might be able to face the reality. Rishi says if she doesn’t want him to put her in any trouble, it won’t happen.
The next morning, Saloni brings henna to Savitri’s room. Saloni asks if she needs to mix something in it. Savitri tells her to mix in lemon and sugar in it as well. Pavan was peeking through the door, pointing at Saloni. Savitri comes to see who Saloni was looking towards, she comes to join her hands to Pavan to stay away from Saloni. Where would he get an innocent girl like Tanvi, whose greedy aunt wants to marry her as soon as possible? Pavan says they are going to treat Rishi. Savitri allows them to go, in the hall a goon greets them Pavan tells Saloni this is Diler, Saloni inquires if his boss informed him about the work. Diler tells them he has made the arrangement of the function, he has always meet Rishi. Saloni confirms if he would be able to run away? Diler assures them not to worry, and warns them not to get shocked watching him in another get up. Saloni makes him a payment. Pavan says Rishi was a good man but put himself trouble. He is gone now.
Rishi was preparing his clothes. Manpreet and UV come in, inquiring Rishi what this all is happening. Rishi was speechless. UV asks Rishi if he has stopped planning out of fear again. Rishi asks for their consent about clothes, he tells them they won’t do anything now and enjoy his Sangeet. Manpreet demands what this joke is. Rishi says life has played a joke with him, Tanvi broke the relation. UV asks if there was a fight. Rishi says there wasn’t a fight, Tanvi ended everything. She made it clear not to wander around her, she ended everything. He feels really small, he is suffocating and wants to breathe in open air. Whatever is written in fate takes place, one always have to accept the truth.
Tannu was washing clothes, Rishi hits a table and fell down. Tannu comes to help him, Rishi stops her saying he can take care of himself. Neha comes there to inquire about Rishi. Tannu had brought an ointment, Rishi asks Neha to take the cream. He says the one whose birth chart has been joint with him must take care of him. Neha takes the cream and puts the medicine on Rishi’s foot. Rishi looks towards Tannu thinking if she wants to part from him, why this worry. Tannu thinks she can’t see him in pain. Rishi thinks she put him in pain, then can’t bear this petty injury. Tannu thinks…. Because… Rishi thinking she must say it, he can fight the whole world. Tannu thinks he can’t change what’s been written in her fate. Rishi says he can bear small injuries but won’t be able to bear the pain people put him in. Rishi tells Neha to go and get ready for the evening, she must look really pretty. Neha thinks Rishi must have a fight with Tannu. Raaj watched this, Neha leaves. Rishi stands up to walk away, both father and son come to confrontation.
Rano comes to Raaj telling him she is leaving for parlor. She assures she will come before 6 pm.
Bee ji inquires Manpreet and UV if Rishi would really not be able to stop this wedding? Rishi walks in. Manpreet tells Bee ji its Tanvi this time who denied marrying Rishi. Neha reaches the venue, Bee ji wonders if this heavily draped girl had been written. Bani goes to Neha scolding her to wear such heavy jewelry. Neha tells her it was Rishi’s demand that she must look better than Tanvi. Neha’s friend also come there, asking about Rishi. She wonders why Rishi got ready to marry a girl from a Chawl when he is so rich.
Pavan and his family arrive, Neha wish Pavan and Saloni stay away from each other for two more days. Pavan and Rishi have eye contact, Pavan thinks Rishi is unaware he has prepared for his death today.

PRECAP: Rishi brings Tannu to a corner and confess his love to her. Diler stood behind with a knife.

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