Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27 June 2016 Written episode Update. Saath Nibhana Saathiya today and Latest Written story.

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Meera tells Priyal that if she needs anything, she should come to her instead of papa, mamma, or bade papa. Once everyone leaves, she addresses Devi maa that she will take over Priyal and will not let Vidya or Shravan come near her soon. This is her revenge from Vidya for killing her baby. Naiya hears her standing at a distance.

Gopi comes home and sees Kokila carrying juice for Pari. Kokila says Pari got her leg injured and cannot move, so she is taking juice for Pari. Gopi sees Pari laughing with Monica and confronts Pari that enough of her nonsence now, she cannot force maaji to work like servant and everyone has to do their own chores from hereon. Pari says she will. Monica hesitantly says we don’t need Kokila’s help.

Shravan sees Vidya emotional and says she must be happy that her sister is back to her. Vidya hugs him.

Pari and Monica enter kitchen thinking of preparing sandwitches for themselves when they see Dr. Krishna taking pakodas. Monica says her mouth is watering. Pari and she then taunt Krishna that she is pity for his condition, Kokila brainwashed him to marry Gopi. Krishna says he is lucky instead. He goes and serves tea and pakoras to Kokila and Gopi. Gopi says she does not need anything. Kokila says her mouth is watering and she will definitely have it. Krishna bites pakoras and shouts he bit chilli. Kokila asks Gopi to serve him water. Gopi gives Dr. Krishna water and leaves. Kokila prays for their better relationship.

Precap: Kokila tells Gopi that they will light akhanda diya for Gopi’s success. They both light lamp.

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