Dehleez 25 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Dehleez 25 June 2016 Written episode Update. Dehleez today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Jaya telling Jaidev that Arvind and police are saying Asad and Haider are terrorists. Jaidev says but they are not. She says it will be hard for Swadheenta to prove this now. He says I know, I m sure police will try to catch Arvind alive, I will talk to dad, but since I told dad’s truth to mom, I m not getting courage to face dad, don’t know how to face him. She says you think mumma won’t know if you did not tell her the truth, don’t be scared now, go and talk to Papa.

Jaidev goes to Manohar. Jaidev says I need to say something dad, I m really sorry to tell mom. Manohar says no, I should apologize to you, sit. He says its elder’s duty to show right path to children, I walked on wrong path and lied, and made you part of my lies, I m really sorry. Jaidev says don’t say this dad. Manohar says if you did not say truth to Suhasini, maybe I would have lived with this lie all my life, I have told a big truth to minister, I told him clearly that I won’t be part of his lie, it needs courage to say truth, you gave me this courage, also Swadheenta and Adarsh, I m grateful to you, thanks a lot. He goes.

The media reporter tells about the terrorist Arvind. Suhasini and Simmi see the news. Swadheenta calls Suhasini and tells about Abhay’s murderer Iftekaar/Arvind. Suhasini says yes, I m seeing that news. Swadheenta says I m trying to call Simmi, can I talk to her. Suhasini says yes, she is with me. Swadheenta tells Simmi that Asad is not Abhay’s murderer, I told you, Asad suggested Aman’s name to Abhay, and so Abhay messaged you that night. Simmi cries.

Yash is on call and asks what, I did not get that orders. He gets surprised seeing Suhasini. She says I understood your expressions, I felt you should be in hindi movies, not Indian army. He says I did not understand. She says I told you I want complete truth of that night. He says I told you truth. She says if person repeats lie, he thinks its truth, don’t you know truth. He asks what. She asks did the news not reach about the terrorist. He says I just got a call. She says you know the terrorist is Arvind, you denied his presence news, I m a policeman’s mother, I m proud of his sacrifice, your mother gave birth to a soldier, don’t do anything that gets shame for your mother. She leaves.

Jaidev calls Adarsh and asks is everything fine there. Adarsh says yes, army is going to reach here in some time. Jaidev tells dad met minister and told him that he won’t support him now, dad is sitting in his room and not talking to anyone. Adarsh says fine, I will talk to dad.

Yash tells someone that he is leaving. He sees Radhika and says you here, you could have called me. She says I could not talk this on phone, I have followed this case, I know whats happening, Swadheenta went and will get Arvind, no one knows Arvind will come dead or alive, I don’t want Asad’s stain to stay. He asks what do you want from me. She asks what do you want, Papa praised you a lot, you were best officer in his eyes, I want to tell him that I was wrong, I m going to marry you, but you have to tell Asad’s truth to the court, as you like, while saving yourself, but please tell everyone that Asad was not a terrorist, he did not kill Abhay, Haider is not a terrorist. He asks did you get this deal for Asad. She says no, it’s a request, I won’t say anyone, tell Asad’s truth to everyone. She cries.

Later, Yash contacts someone and talks about Iftekaar’s release. Manohar sees Arvind’s statement. Adarsh calls Manohar. Manohar answers the call and asks how are you. Adarsh says dad, I did not regard you my hero, idol and Guru just like that, what you did today proved me right, I love you dad. Manohar says I love you too, I did not ask you anything till now, I m asking today, promise me Abhay’s murderer will not get saved. Adarsh promises that and says I hope when army reaches there, hostages will be saved too. He sees the army arriving and says I will call you later dad. He rushes to Yash.

Adarsh asks Yash to send his commandos and get Arvind. Yash says no, I got orders from high authorities. Swadheenta says yes, ofcourse. Yash says I have to see, there are teachers and students there, I have to act as per situation, I may have to agree to his demands, you both are selfish and want Arvind alive, just to win this case, let me do this job, who will think about the kids. Adarsh says I worry for them too, it does not mean he let that terrorist go away. Yash says alright, do what you find right, I will do what I find right. He goes. Jaidev talks to Adarsh and says I m talking to ministry, don’t worry, we will not let Arvind go. Adarsh says army is talking about agreeing to Arvind. Jaidev says Arvind’s statement made this complicated. Adarsh says he is lying, he challenged Swadheenta that he won’t let her prove Asad innocent. Jaidev says I will try to talk to ministry again. Adarsh asks him to just hurry up.

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