Mere Angne Mein 25 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Mere Angne Mein 25 June 2016 Written episode Update. Mere Angne Mein today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Riya coming. Shanti asks where was she. Riya says I went to have bath. Shanti asks did you not hear when I shouted, everyone came here except you. Riya says no, I did not hear any shout, I was feeling hot so went to have bath. Shanti asks her not to act, and tells everyone that Riya was scaring them, there is no ghost, go and sleep now. Chanda makes her BF run away, who was scaring Shanti wearing ghungroos.

Its morning, The milk man comes to deliver milk. He asks Kaushalya does these cigarettes and wine bottles look good. She says maybe someone has thrown this here, no one in my family smokes or drinks. Chanda talks to her BF and says Riya is clever, but I m no less, I will make Riya leave from here. She sees a black magic doll and smiles.

Nandu gets ready and goes. Preeti follows him. Rani decides to wear good sarees in Shivam’s marriage functions. Sarla asks her not to waste time. She asks Rani to vacate her room. Rani asks why, who are you getting here. Sarla laughs and says we have to do Chanda’s kanyadaan, she will stay here. Rani says I will adjust with Chanda, don’t worry, make Nirmala leave. Sarla asks her not to take Nirmala’s name, Nirmala will also stay here. She goes.

Chanda is on phone. Riya sees Chanda standing far and goes. Nandu sees Preeti following, and tells Ramesh that Preeti is following me. Ramesh asks him to use Bluetooth and talk to Preeti when she calls Nandu. Nandu thanks him and rushes to change clothes. Kaushalya asks Chanda to pack her bag. Chanda asks what happened, I m sorry if I did any mistake. Kaushalya says you are too innocent, you have to go to Sarla’s house, your doli will come from there. Chanda says fine. Kaushalya goes to Shanti. Chanda keeps the black doll there and puts some oil. Preeti and the girl argue on the road. Nandu as Lucky goes to end their fight. He asks the girl to forgive Preeti and sends him. Preeti thinks to find about Nandu and Lucky. She calls Nandu.

Nandu wears Bluetooth and talks to her. She asks where is he. He says I m in Lal Chowk, I m buying vegs. She sees Lucky and says strange, how can two people be similar. He says I m in hurry, I will call later. He removes the Bluetooth and argues with Preeti. She thinks he is speaking so much, he can’t be Nandu. She goes. Shanti sees Riya and goes to her room. She screams. Riya asks what happened. Kaushalya and Riya get shocked seeing the doll. Shanti blames Riya and says you want me to die, and this marriage stops. Kaushalya asks Riya why are you doing black magic on Shanti.

Kaushalya says I will go temple and do puja for Shanti. Riya says I can’t do this, I don’t have such low thinking. Shanti asks do I have small thinking. Shivam comes. Shanti tells Shivam about the black doll. Kaushalya and Shanti blame Riya. Shanti says Chanda saved me. Chanda says I have seen Riya outside Shanti’s room. Shivam asks Riya what will you get doing this. Riya says what will I get, I did not do this. Shanti says you want to kill me.

Shivam curses the day when he married Riya and got her here, I did not get a day of peace till now. Riya says even I did not get peace, maybe it was not in fate, you said a big thing today. She cries and says I m saying truth, I did not do this, I know you won’t believe me, so ……. She packs her clothes. She gets her bag and says I accept I lost, I can’t bear all this more, I have lost. Shivam looks at her. Shanti asks her to take everything, I don’t want your any clothes here, I will check your bag, and see if you have stolen anything from this house. She asks Shivam to get Riya’s bag, she has to check. Shivam keeps her bag. Shanti checks the bag.

Riya looks at Shivam. Shanti says fine, there is no belonging of ours, you did so much, black magic and everything, you understood now. Riya frees Shivam and everyone from this relation and bond. Shivam gets shocked. Kaushalya is relieved. Riya says I will never come back, forgive me if I did any mistake. She takes Shanti and Kaushalya’s blessings. Shanti says enough, now leave. Riya leaves. Shanti thinks why did Riya leave without any drama, I have to be careful till Shivam gets married.

Riya goes out and sees Shanti Sadan. She sees Shivam in balcony. Do pal ruka ……………..plays………….. They recall the good moments between them. She leaves.

Riya tells Anupam that Chanda is doing all that, I have to know the reason, I have to expose Chanda and I will stop this marriage.

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