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Kasam 24 June 2016 Written episode Update. Kasam today and Latest Written story.

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Bee ji thinks about spicing up Rano and Bani’s friendship. She tells Rano it was Bani who threw chilli in her eyes deliberately. Rano stands accusing Bani not to have changed, she calls her as mean. She always disliked Sharda, and is now loving Tannu the way she is her own daughter. Bani accuses Rano about disliking Sharda as well. Rano says she was Bani’s real sister in law. Raj comes there, Bee ji complains Raaj about it. Raaj accuses Bee ji of not behaving as an elder. Raja reminds the ladies there are two weddings at home after 4 days. Bani apologizes Rano as a young sister, Rano also apologizes.
Rishi follows Pavan and Saloni towards their room. Pavan and Saloni arrive at the reception, introduces themselves and get the keys. Rishi comes there, hold the register to see if his favorite suite is free. He turns around saying its booked, Suite 330, by some Pavan Malhotra and Saloni Malhotra. He turns to see Neha standing behind, inquiring where he has been wandering. Rishi says he came to see a suite for her, Neha demands if he didn’t want to get married with her. Rishi says he thought what’s wrong with her, their birth charts also match with each other; so he decided to marry her now. He makes her up to go and begin the meal. He comes upstairs, Pavan holds Saloni in his arms and asks her to unlock the door. Rishi says Pavan is finished today, he will have to answer the whole family today. He thinks about calling his family now and runs behind.
Raaj and Guljeet come inside together. Rano inquires Rano about the vegetables, Bani says Tanvi has an idea about all the household work. Raaj appreciates Tanvi, Bani boasts about giving this brought up to Tanvi. Bee ji suggests she should have given all these ethics to Tannu as well. Rishi comes home, Raaj asks about Tannu. Rishi thinks he must make up something to them. Rishi says he never likes what he ever tell him, he goes to complain Rano about her. Bani asks about Tannu. Rishi assures that Tannu is in the hotel, he has chosen a suite for himself and Tannu. He asks them to come with him to select the suite. Bee ji stops Rishi and asks about talking to him alone. Rishi forbids them to call Tannu, it’s a surprise for her. Bee ji brings Rishi to the room and was angry. She complains had he done something, this wouldn’t have happened. Rishi hugs her, Bee ji inquires if he would disclose Pavan’s face to everyone after their wedding. Raaj comes to call Rishi.
Pavan prepares drink for them in the suite. The sip from it, Pavan tries to get intimate with Saloni. Rishi arrives to the hotel with his family, he brings them all inside.
Savitri informs on call that the shopping is done, they are about to reach home. She asks Tannu if she liked the necklace, Tannu nods. Savitri asks what the date of wedding suggested by Pandit ji was. Tannu says she doesn’t know, she thinks that Pandit ji must have seen Rishi’s birth chart. She remembers her promise with her father. She thinks Rishi needs her, how would it be possible as Neha is going to marry Rishi in next four days.
Rishi informs them that he booked the room for two days, he opens the register to show it to Raaj and reads aloud, Pavan Malhotra and Saloni Malhotra. They were all shocked, Rishi says these are honeymoon suites. Raaj turns to go upstairs to speak to them, Rano says it doesn’t suit her. Raaj insists if they don’t go today, they will be left listening to stories. Rishi smiles that now Raaj would himself break this marriage. He follows them. They were waiting outside the lift, Bani tells Swati that Rishi must already have seen them. Swati spots Neha, she tells them to go upstairs and they will alert Pavan already. Swati comes to Neha and tell her about the danger, Neha was worried now. Swati asks Neha to call Pavan and inform him about them all. She goes upstairs, Neha recalls she forgot her phone on the table. On the dinner table, Neha dials Pavan’s number but he doesn’t pick up the call. She gets an idea and asks the receptionist to make a call.
Rishi takes Raaj ahead. Bani wish Rishi’s plan should have gone failed. Neha comes to the reception, but Pavan’s phone was unreachable. Rishi rings the bell, Saloni calls from inside. He introduces himself as room service. Pavan opens the door, Saloni comes behind. Rishi holds Pavan’s collar, and warns not to leave him today. Raaj and Rano hold him back. Raaj questions Pavan to explain. Rishi asks what new story he would make up, they have been caught red handed. He consider their family to be a duffer who don’t understand his game. Bani thinks he must be with Raaj today, so that he marries Rishi with Neha. Rishi says today, after his dirty picture he breaks his relation with Tanvi. Raaj tries to calm him down. Bani goes to accuse Saloni. Pavan shouts at them to stop this, they haven’t given him a chance to speak. Pavan calls them all inside, they come inside and were shocked. Tannu and Savitri sit inside, watching their necklace. Savitri asks Pavan if he didn’t tell about having invited them all. Pavan says he and Saloni have same sir name, one can’t even get a room to see in this room. Guljeet tells Rishi he had a misunderstanding for once again. Tannu wonders if Rishi thought only Rishi and Saloni were here alone. Rishi insists he saw Pavan and Saloni alone, here. Raaj apologizes Savitri calling it a big misunderstanding. Raaj asks Tanvi if she like this hotel for wedding reception. Tannu says she know about it. Rano asks how she know about both weddings happening on the same day, Raaj notices Rishi forbidding Tannu with a stare. Tannu says someone told her, doesn’t remember who. Pavan congratulates Rishi, saying they will all marry on the same date. Bani asks Rishi about his and Tannu’s suite. Raaj gets Rano’s words at once, thinking about Rishi’s proposal to Tanvi. Savitri asks Raaj where he got lost. Raaj qualifies he was trying to understand something, will do the rest later on. Rano tells Bani that all rooms of the hotel are the same. Raaj suggests about holding the wedding functions in his friend’s house, a lot of memories have been connected there. They decide it there at once. They all leave. Tannu wonders what this all happened, Rishi turns to leave broken hearted. Tannu thinks they were going home, then Savitri brought her here in urgency. And now Rishi is here with the whole family, what is this all happening.
Raaj scolds Rishi outside, he accuses him as suspecting anything. He doesn’t want Tanvi to marry Pavan, and has insulted him today. Rano sends Bani and family away. Rano says Rishi didn’t do any mistake, it is Raaj’s mistake. He had forbidden him already, Rishi has always been proven wrong in Pavan and Saloni’s case. From now on, he won’t accept what Rishi says about Pavan and Saloni. Raaj promises. Guljeet comes to take them along, Rishi asks them to go. Raaj demands where he is going? Rano interrupts she didn’t allow him to scold on every matter. Raaj swears Rishi that if he is his son, he must go right away to apologize Pavan. They move on to see the room.
Pavan hugs Saloni for acting well, calling her the best. Rishi comes there, calls them. They get apart at once. Rishi says when they love each other so much, why they don’t stay together. Why they want to destruct Tanvi’s life. Pavan asks why he should abide by Rishi’s advice. He came here alone with Saloni, because today is their marriage anniversary. Rishi holds a finger at him, Pavan asks him to get calm. He is going to tell his whole truth today and takes his promise not to interrupt. He came with Saloni here, was having a lot of fun with her. On the reception counter he felt someone was stalking at him, he turned around to see him hiding behind the bags. He got alert there. He tells Rishi he belongs to a good, well-educated family; and calls himself worse than him. He was aware Rishi was there, when he had held Saloni in his arms. Rishi goes to Saloni, he asks Saloni why she tried to destroy another girl’s life. Saloni says she is fed up of being a good girl, he must not expect anything good from her. Pavan calls Saloni as awesome, Tannu was just coming out, when Rishi holds a punch at Pavan. Pavan calls Tanvi, Rishi leaves.
Pavan goes to her, he asks Tanvi what Rishi wants from him. Why he wants their marriage to break. Savitri comes outside and asks them to go now, she takes Tannu along. Pavan was relieved.
At home, Savitri opens the door to Pavan and Saloni, she asks them to come in. If they were a little late, she would have done their Aarti with a red carpet. His father drags him in and says it’s because of his will that he want to marry Tannu. Pavan says his parent’s will enforces on his life. Savitri shouts if it was like this, he wouldn’t have married this girl Saloni, he is aware she can’t bear a child. Saloni says today was their marriage anniversary. Savitri shouts what hurry was they in to celebrate, she scolds Pavan why he can’t be true to Tanvi and leave this lady.
Tannu comes to her room, Rishi was there and asks why she went to hotel. Tannu says Pavan’s mother asked so. He qualifies this means Pavan’s mother is also a part of this game.

PRECAP: Raaj takes Tannu’s promise that she won’t take any step in breaking her wedding with Pavan. In the room Saloni was determined that Rishi has to die.

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