Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 24 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 24 June 2016 Written episode Update. Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1:
Location: Corridor
Ashoka reprimands kaurvaki severely for having been so reckless and carelss, and unladylike in roaming around like this at night. she stands ashamed and embarassed. he says that whatever she came here for, would have stopped before evn starting. he then notices the berries in her hands, and asks her if she indeed killed the tantric, in the dizzy state after having consumed them. she is aghast and asks why would she do it. he says that she had a clouded judgement. she hurriedly gives them to him, and asks him to forget she ever said anything. she hastily leaves. he apologises in his mind, to her, that he had to do this, and turn the blame on her, so that her safety itself is ensured, and she doesnt have to face any trouble. he eyes her going tensedly. he says that if anyone gets to know that she went after him, they would harm her to get to him, and having lost her once, he cant afford to lose her again

Scene 2:
Location: Courtroom
In front of Bindu, mahamatya speaks, while all listen, that whatever happened was very wrong, and that he was a pious soul, involved in his own rituals and practises, and such a murder is a taint on the image of Pataliputra. he says that this is heights of gondna’s atricities, and now even saints arent safe, and hence their ruin is near. siamak speaks up saying that he doesnt think that its gondna behind this. bindu asks whats the base of his statements, as they got a clearly scripted letter. siamak says that simply putting something in written words, doesnt make it a truth. he points out the trend, that gondna has always acted secretively, then why publicly do something like this now, and that too to a saint, and what good can he get from that. all are set to thinking. Ashoka taunts him that the way he sides with gondna, it seems that he knows him veryw ell. sushim says that it can also mean that he is trying to insinuate that there is someone else behind the murder, and whoever has done it, has a motive behind it. ashoka asks sushim who does he think can be behind this. mahamatya says that maybe sushim is trying to point out the fact that he believs ashoka is the murderer. he says that his spies found out, that last night, ashoka went towards the very same mountain, wherein the tantric stayed. Bindu and others are tensed to hear this. Acharya says that his spies tell that before Ashoka, sushim was going towards the mountain and his spies can act as a witness to it. all eye each other, as it gets confronting. bindu says that if this is so, then why didnt they both inform him, and asks them the motive behind it. sushim says that very soon it shall be clear as to who went and why, towards the mountain. he asks ashoka how are these berries with him, and show it to the entire courtroom. all get tensed, and are boggled too. ashoka is nervous. sushim points out these berries are only found on that mountain, and seeing them it seems that they have been taken from the same mountain. acharya thinks that if ashoka doesnt give a tactful answer, then their plan shall be ruined. ashoka says that this is a fact that only that person can know who has himself been on the mountain, and that clearly means sushim was there. Mahamatya tries to distract bindu saying that the more important question is that ashoka has these berries with him, in his possession, and no plausible explanation for it. all get tensed. ashoka says that these berries were given to him by Padmavati, who can be called into verify the same. they are furthermore boggled. Princess Padmavati aka Kaurvaki is summoned into the courtroom. all eye her tensedly. ashoka desperately hopes that she doesnt remember anything at all, and that the success of his plan depends on what answer she gives.

Scene 3:
Location: Kaurvaki’s room
Kaurvaki tells devi that she merely remembers that anindini wasnt there at the mountain. devi is aghast and reprimands her for having doubted her own love. Kaurvaki is silenced. while they are talking, one maid comes in and asks kaurvaki to be present immediately in the courtroom, by Bindu. she gets tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Courtroom
Bindu asks kauravki to listen intently and speak only the truth. she complies. he asks where was she last night, and if she recognises the berries. ashoka finds her tensed and nervous. he says that she can speak the truth here in front of everyone. she says that she herself gave them to ashoka. all are shocked. bindu asks where she got. she says that she went out in the night, towards the mountain, and got the berries there, after consuming which, she went unconscious. he asks her if she saw anyone else there. she remembers ashoka’s reprimands, while ashoka wonders what shall she respond now. she replies in the negative. she says that after having consumed the berries, she felt dizzy and doesnt rememeber anything at all. ashoka is relieved. Ashoka says that his spies told that he was working with Gondna, and hence he went on that mountain, to investigate furthermore on it but before he could start his investigation, his eyes fell on Princess Padmavati a,d he came back to the palace with her. Bindu asks her to take leave, but remember that it can be dangerous for her to step out in the wee hours of the night. he says that if she wishes to roam in the night, then from the next time onwards, she should also carry security guards with her, for her own safety. she complies. then kaurvaki extends her wishes and then leaves. ashoka eyes her tensedly. bindu then tells sushim, that he is disappointed with him, on casting these baseless allegations at ashoka. he says that ashoka has given his justifications. sushim starts fumbling. bindu lashes at him, while all get tensed. he laments that sushim, is still the irresponsible, rash child that he was ten years ago, and thast if brothers continue fighting like this, then the real danger lies in that, and not gondna. he says that whoever is the murderer, be in Gondna or not, he instructs Acharya and Mahamatya to get hold of the criminal asap. they hurriedly comply. he calls off the meeting, and walks off dispersing them. ashoka smirks as sushim eyes him angrily.

Scene 5:
Location: Helen’s hideout
Sushim is enraged and frustrated at gondna for having killed his mentor, just when he was about to give him a tactic to get rid of ashoka, and Bindu has turned him helpless. helen and siamak are tensed. Helen brands them as idiots to even think that gondna is behind this at all. she says that they dont realise that its a trap from ashoka, to catch them. he says that he hasnt forgotten anything, not shall he let them forget and infact he took the perfect revenge of having lost his mentor, by reciprocating the same to sushim, and avenged Chanakya’s death and a mentor for a mentor. Sushim’s mother thinks that it might be true, that the gondna actually killed the tantric, as he wishes to see sushim powerless, so that he can rise. she says that its ironical that noone can be trusted here. helen says that had gondna feared sushim, he would have gotten rid of his powers long back, but that didnt happen. Sushim says that they both are defending Gondna so much so, as if he is their own. all get tensed including mahamatya. helen guffaws it off, and says that its nothing like that, siamak too hurriedly stands up saying that its nothing like that, and says that if he doubts gondna, then he would do exactly what ashoka wants, and thats to distract him. he says that as it is, by killing his mentor, he has rendered him powerless, and now he wants him to be alone, unsafe and in his trap, and then he kills him. sushim pretends to be convinced. she says that ashoka has already started his victorious campaign. Mahamatya agrees with her, and says that ashoka’s thinking is as far fetched as his mentor, Chanakya, and that making him powerless, he has landed nearer to the throne. they instigate him together, while trying to convince him, that only killing ashoka is the mere resort. sushim says that he knows what needs to be done or not. he hastily walks out. After they all leave, siamak tells what happened in the courtroom, and how enraged bindu had become. he comes to warn helen, that ever since the tantric’s death was blamed on gondna, bindusara has totally lost his cool, and is enraged to find gondna and punish gondna. he says that now they wont sit quiet and that sushim shall not sit quiet too, since he too blames the gondna for his mentor’s death. helen tells him to keep an eye on both the brothers and ensure that their enemity keeps her identity as the Gondna always a mysterious secret. she notices sushim’s mother coming back in. She immediately takes her bent form and starts coughing, and changes the topic, as sushim’s mother enters back. helen asks whats the matter. she says that she wished to get alcohol, for her face, from greece where helen’s stuff came from. helen hurriedly complies. after she leaves, helen wonders if she heard or not, and then wodners what would she do with the alcohol, and maybe she wants to hide her old age. they both have a good laugh.

Scene 6:
Location: Acharya’s room
Later, acharya congratulates ashoka on his first victory towards the start of the first chapter towards a unified India. ashoka says that even Gondna’s camp much be dishevelled right now at this allegation, since he hasnt done it, and hence he would definitely react back, and that would expose him in front of their eyes. he says that he has full faith, that after this incident, the gondna and its people shall work out their next strategy. Ashoka points out, that chanakya had taught him, SAAM, DAAM, DAND AND BHED. ashoka says that he has assumed that there is some connecting link between sushim and gondna. he says that he tried to put misunderstanding between gondna and sushim, that sushim would be enraged at them, while he would try and prove his innocence to sushim. In both the ways, gondna is bound to react, and he is expecting some reactions, which shall be their biggest mistake, and they shall catch the people red handed then. acharya smiles appreciatively. ashoka is determined. the screen freezes on his determined face.

Precap: Helen tells siamak, that if actually their aim is to rule over the country, then they have to strengthen their army troops. she says that for the fulfillment of their motives, they shall have to take a major risk, for their victory. Meanwhile, Acharya tells ashoka that for the success of the next stage of their plan, they need an added bait and give a temptation, that immediately draws them out. ashoka says that he would be the apt bait, as gondna would want him out as the first step. he says that he wouldnt step back a foot, even if he has to place his life at stake, for the realisation of a unified India.

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