Scene 1
Sanyu is teaching priyali. Sanyu looks at her. Priyali says how will I beat him. sanyu syas we would be nercous too. Priyali syas he takes 5 minutes to slve these questions. Sanyu says you are taking this all seriously. I(ts confirmed with it that you will b winning it. A good engineer handles everything. Sanyu starts teaching her again. Sanyu says you are not getting this easy question Its very important for both of us. Priyali says I wanna go o washroom. SAnyu says in heart I have t think of some new way.
Priyali comes in. Sanyu syas come sees it. snayu shows her the dream team car. sanyu syas this looked impossible but we did it in the end. Pruyali syas you did this? Sanyu tells her the whle story. Sanyu syas there were many challenges. This shows how useful maths is. Sanyu says you have to relate maths to the scenario. Enjoy maths. Priyali syas thanks ma’am. Priyali goes home.
Sayu goes back to Pg. The guard wstops her and says the gate is closed. No one can go in after 11. You can go in after 5 am. The secretary comes. Guard says she came home just now. SAnyu says there was extra tie time in college. THe
secretary says you cant at this of night. His wife says you left and an electrician came to your house. sanyu gets a call. aunty takes the phone from hr. sanyu syas you have no right to poke in my personal matters. Secretary says we need to know where you are. aunty says we should know comes here to meet youl. sanyu says I can take care of myself. Secretary says this wont work here. Sanyu goes to her room. She looks for Randhir everywhere. She finds him. sanyu says I asked you not to go out. randhir takes out the drink and says I went to bring this. sanyu syas what if s9meone saw you? Randhir says I was a bit late but not a big deal. Sanyu says it is a big deal. my family doesn’t need another reason to hate me. randhir says I don’t think they have time to hate you.
Sadda Haq 27th November 2014 Written Update
Scene 3
Anju calls sanyu but her number is unreachable, She calls vidushi. Anju asks how are you? Vidushi syas sanyu isn’t in hostel she is living in some PG. VAnjku syas do you have her contact? Vidushi says I will find t and give it to you.
Randhirsays to sanyu are you still mad at me? I should know that you are facing a lot of problems. I am sorry. Lets celebrate. Sanyu says promise me you wont do that again. Randhir says I promise. Randhir takes sanyu out. They enjoy he drink. Sanyu gets a call. Doorbell rings. sanyu asks randhir to hide. Randhir says who could be here at this time. Shaureya comes in. he says you are up. sanyu syas why are you heer? shaureya says wanna watch TV. sanyu says its late go to your room. He says go and sleep I wont disturb you. SAnyu tunrs the tv off and says go out. sanyu slaps him and says get out and don’t ever come in again. He says you can drink and come late behaving me this way. I will tell Shukla. He leaves.
rAndhri asks who was he? why was he talking to you this way. sanyu syas every5thing is fine. She says please don’t be angry. Sanyu syas I would have slapped him more. smile now. randhir smiles and says sit down. He br9ngs the drink and says we will drink in a single glass. SAnyu lies her head on randhir’s shoulder and says I love you. Randhir kisses her forehead and then her neck. He kisses her continuously.
PRecap-vikram says you have to take a 3 hours physics substitute class. Rajveer says I said to vikram you are the vbest teacher. He says I like it when I am with you.
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