Jamai Raja 24 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Jamai Raja 24 June 2016 Written episode Update. Jamai Raja today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Anya telling Sid that Roshni has moved on and is giving attention to Neil.. She says Roshni didn’t bother to speak to him before taking a decision. She asks him to give a chance and move on. Sid says it is my call to move on or not. It is Roshni’s wish to move on, when I am not interfering in her decision then why you? He says sorry and asks her to focus to convince her mom. He says I don’t want to hear anything wrong about Roshni, and goes. Neil thinks about their wedding night and Roshni asking him time. He messages Roshni that he is coming home and thinks he is thinking much. He buys flowers for Roshni on the way.

Simran comes to Naina’s house and tells that she is missing Anya and Sid. She shows the necklace to Anya and Naina and asks her to call Sid so that he will make her wear. Naina asks Ragini to see it. Ragini says it is good. Sid comes. Simran asks Sid to make Anya wear it and asks him not to make any excuse. Sid says I am getting late and have to leave. Simran asks Sid not to show attitude and make Anya wear it. She asks Ragini to give necklace to Sid. Sid and Roshni look embarrassed. Roshni gives the necklace. Sid makes Anya wear it hesitantly. Mitul looks at their reactions. Anya smiles. Sid leaves. Anya asks how is it? Simran says it is good. Roshni thinks Sid is moving on, but she is stuck on the same place. She says I will try to move on for your and Anya’s happiness. Roshni thinks she will sleep before neil comes home. Neil comes home calling Ragini. Roshni pretends to sleep and covers herself with blanket. Neil sits on the bed and is about to touch her, but sees Roshni closing her eyes and thinks she is feigning to be sleeping. He gets sad and goes out of room.

Naina hears a sound and comes out of room. She sees Neil drinking and wonders what happened to him again. She recalls Neil’s condition when his girl friend ditched him. A fb is shown, Neil breaks the things and started drinking wine. Fb ends. Naina says my son can’t become like old Neil, nobody should know this, I won’t let this happen and will do something. In the morning, Roshni helps Neil wear suit and asks him to talk to her. Neil says he is going to office and pushes her slightly. Roshni looks at her hand. Naina calls Roshni and says Neil brought this saree and flowers for you. Roshni says I slept yesterday night. Naina says it is not good if husband and wife sleeps in different rooms a day after marriage. She asks her to understand the matter and Neil, and asks her to take care of him. She says I am not your saas, but maa and asks her to share her heart feelings.

Sid asks Anya to talk to Naina sooner and faster. Anya says she will talk after party. Sid says I want to go from here as soon as possible and asks her to convince Naina. Sid sees Roshni’s hand wounded and asks what happened? Roshni says nothing and goes. While roshni is wearing clothes, and setting her dupatta. Mitul sees her and asks Sid to go as Ragini is calling. Sid goes to her room. Roshni thinks Neil has come and asks Sid to help her attach the dupatta. Roshni turns and sees him. Sid asks about her injury. Roshni says this is my room, please just go. Sid goes. Roshni recalls getting the injury. She thinks what to tell Sid that his memories are wall between Neil and me.

Roshni and Sid are dancing in the party while blind folded. Neil and Anya looks on.

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