Shakti 24 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Shakti 24 June 2016 Written episode Update. Shakti today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Harman threatening Surbhi holding pistol on her and asks her to call her goons. Surbhi says I will call and searches something in bag. Harman asks what you searching in the bag and asks her to call from mobile. Surbhi says her papa used to check her phone daily, I can’t keep my male friends’ no. in my phone and have kept their numbers in diary. Harman asks her to hurry up. Surbhi thinks I will teach you a lesson now and sprays pepper spray in his eyes. Harman says I will not leave you and drops his gun. He says someone please give water to wash his eyes. Someone gives him water. Harman washes his face, picks up the gun and sees Soumya standing. He recalls their first meeting at her house and unintentionally points gun at her. Nimmi sees that and gets shocked. She calls Soumya. She runs to Soumya’s help and tells Harman that he lied on the other way, but is actually a goon. Harman keeps pistol in his jeans and tells that he is a humble man but got trapped by a lady gang leader. Nimmi asks don’t you have any shame to blame a girl and tells that she will not come in his talks. She asks him to leave her and daughter, we have nothing to do with you. Harman asks why did she give me water then?

Soumya says I would have done the same seeing someone else also in pain. Harman gets impressed and blinks his eyes smilingly. Tera Ishq Ka Meri Ibadat plays…………….Nimmi asks Soumya to take the aarti plate. Soumya takes one plate. Puja falls flies and falls down. She bends down to pick it, but Harman comes and picks it up. Harman says I told you already that you are like beautiful angel, and there is no other girl in this entire Punjab. Soumya looks on. Harman asks her to listen and gives puja flower. Soumya says the fallen flowers is not presented to God. Harman asks who said that. He says did God message you? He says flowers are made by God, and humans decide their fate, it is strange. Nimmi calls Soumya. Soumya goes.

Harman thinks one girl is gundi, who has sprayed pepper spray in his eyes, and other girl is this girl who is soothing to the eyes. Surbhi is talking to her friend and says she has inaugurate her make up kit today for him, but he asked me to call the goons and aimed gun at me. Bebe hears her and gets tensed. Surbhi tells her friend that she has prayed perfume in his eyes. Her friend asks her to be careful with him. Surbhi says he needs a gun to scare someone, but my killing eye sight to enough to scare someone, and says she is daring. Bebe asks Surbhi, who kept gun on your pistol. Surbhi says I have sprayed in his eyes. Bebe asks Surbhi to come to Police station and file FIR. Surbhi asks her to chill and says nobody can kill your Surbhi. I will solve my problem, and asks her to calm down and bring lassi for her. Bebe goes to bring it.

Harman’s dad tells his employees that 300 toys were made instead of 500 toys and that mean 200 kids are crying for it. He says did I hired you for the job for this. He says women workers, if they came to work or to divert men workers attention. He says you made 200 kids cry and asks if I snatch toys from your children hand, then will they cry or not. Woman says yes. Harman’s dad says they will be punish and have to work for 2 days continuously. Preeto comes and asks her husband to listen. He asks what happened? Preeto asks him to do something about finding Harman. He says don’t know how is she? Her husband says Harman is a tiger son, and asks her not to worry. He says if your son gets hungry then he will sell the city and eat food. Preeto says I just want my son, I don’t know anything else. Harman’s dad thinks where did he come.

Harman comes to Surbhi’s friend house and sees the door locked. He asks the tea seller and threatens him. Tea seller says they went for marriage and will return in 10-12 days. Harman thanks him and says I will not leave you mirchi spray.

Maninder asks Bebe to calm down and says it might be fake gun. HE says Surbhi must have seen film and says she is jhalli. Bebe asks him to call her and asks when she is coming home. Nimmi and Soumya comes from temple. Bebe asks what did you ask from God? Must be same prayer always, you can’t ask for a good guy for your daughter, and her marriage. She says soumya is inauspicious. Nimmi says I didn’t ask this, but ask God to give some intelligence to my family especially to my husband. Maninder looks on. Bebe asks where is Surbhi? Nimmi says she will come, and goes inside. Maninder says she is not replying.

Surbhi is buying balloons at a shop. Harman is going from there and prays to God to make him meet that gundi. He sees Surbhi in his bike’s mirror and says God’s service is instant. Surbhi sits in car. Harman thinks I will catch you anyhow. He follows the car. Surbhi gets down the car and pays money to the driver. She goes to her house. Harman sees her house. Maninder asks where was you? Surbhi says my phone was not empty to pick the call and shows the stuff which she brought. Maninder asks what you are going to do. Surbhi says it will not affect you or Dadi.

Harman’s chacha informs his brother that workers are doing drama again. Harman’s dad scolds him and asks him to tell if he couldn’t handle the workers. Inspector comes and says I came to know that Harman is in Gurdaspur. Harman’s dad asks Inspector to catch him right now. Inspector says that place is not mine, I have to give bribe to someone. Harman’s dad asks about the money. Inspector says 50000. Harman’s dad asks Viren to give 50000 Rs.

Viren comes to Preeto and asks her to give 50000 rs and informs that he brought Harman’s news. Preeto gets happy and goes to get money. She gives money to Viren. Preeto’s sister in law asks why you differentiate between my daughter and Harman and didn’t give her money when she asked. Preeto says I will give money to son, and asks her to give son and then she will treat him same like Harman.

Harman realizes that he came to the house before, he thinks strange, two different girls in same house. A fb is shown, Harman reminisces Soumya, calling her soothing to eyes and talking sweetly like lassi. He says but I have to settle my scores with this gundi and take her in my control. .

Missed the precap.

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