Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 June 2016 Written episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Niddhi gifting Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says I hate this woman. Simmi asks her not to get angry, we will see Niddhi when Ruhi comes back to me, come with me. They leave. Niddhi asks Ruhi to see the gifts. Amma comes there and shouts Shagun. Niddhi asks Ruhi did you want to come to this zoo. Shagun asks Amma whats the matter. Amma says you slapped on a kid. Shagun says sorry, I was angry that time. Amma says you have two kids, you run NGO and have such anger within, I came to warn you, Shravan has cut his wrist because of you, if anything happens to him, I will seen you to police station. Shagun and Ruhi get shocked. Mrs. Bhalla argues with Amma and says you don’t know to manage the kids, I don’t like to talk to you. Niddhi smiles and thinks its good my work got easy.

Raman and Ishita meet Pihu’s school teacher and ask about Pihu’s progress. The teacher gives good report about Pihu. Ishita says Shagun takes good care of Pihu. The teacher says its parents’ duty, I wanted to say that Pihu behaves very dramatic, she talks about serials, focus on her, keep her away from serials, I met Pihu’s mom, I did not see you before. Ishita says I m her Maasi, Shagun was busy somewhere, so I came to attend this meet. Teacher says ya sure, guardian can come if parents are busy, I can see your concern, Maasi is also like Maa. Ishita thanks her. Raman sees her.

Niddhi records Mrs. Bhalla and Amma’s fight. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma argue over Shravan’s step. Mihika says its Shagun’s mistake, whats wrong to accept it. Simmi asks Mihika to keep quiet. Shagun says it was not intentionally, Shravan was with Ruhi… Bala calls Mihika. Mihika tells Amma that Shravan is fine now, he was not committing suicide, when Bala pushed the door, the nail has hurt Shravan, he fainted seeing the blood. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi ask Amma not to blame them always. Amma says I m not lying, ask Shagun, she has slapped Shravan. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun is not mad to slap him without any reason. Niddhi goes and calls the judge, saying I m Ruhi’s manager Nimrit…..

Ishita tells Raman that I felt glad knowing about Pihu, it feels peaceful to see children have your qualities. He says peaceful feelings do not change truth, we are doing this for Ruhi, don’t try to pacify yourself, once Ruhi comes back, we both will resume to our normal routine, don’t think much, else heart will break and it will hurt, come.

Adi comes to society compound. Aaliya meets him and says I was waiting for you. He asks why and recalls what happened. She asks did you say Amma. He says no, what did I do, why will I tell her. She says you are mumma’s boy, forget everything, I was just teasing you. He asks her to ask Ishi Maa, else you will call me a liar later. She says fine. They hear Mrs. Bhalla and Amma’s arguments. He says they started again. He sees the judge coming and tells Aaliya that judge came to meet Ruhi, if she sees the fight, our case will get drained.

Aaliya says we have to do something. He looks at her. Aaliya runs. Adi stops the judge and says Ruhi and parents are not at home. She says I will wait for them and goes. He wishes everything is fine at home. Simmi welcomes the judge. Judge says sorry for coming without informing. Aaliya signs Adi. He thanks her. Judge asks about Ruhi. Simmi says I will call her. Adi asks did she not go with mummy Papa, Mam I felt Ruhi went with them. Simmi gets Ruhi. Simmi is thankful that Aaliya alerted them. Judge asks Ruhi is she happy here. Adi says yes, she is happy. judge says I asked Ruhi, let her answer. Niddhi comes and says I will say, what will Ruhi say, she is in shock seeing the environment here. Judge asks what do you mean. Niddhi asks her to see the video.

Shagun, Simmi, Adi and Ruhi get shocked. Judge sees Mrs. Bhalla and Amma arguing. She says I want to talk to Ruhi in private. Niddhi takes them. Simmi says I will not leave Niddhi. Raman and Ishita come home. Raman says I will talk to Ruhi about school, if she does not agree, then you interfere in the matter. They see everyone worried and ask Simmi and Shagun. Judge comes and says I will tell you Raman, I have come here, I m very sorry to say, you disappointed you. Ishita asks what happened. Judge says I allowed Ruhi to stay here, thinking you will give safe and peaceful atmosphere, if you all keep this things worse here, I will give her custody to Nimrit without waiting for next 23-24 days. Niddhi smiles. They all get shocked.

Raman says everything is normal in this house, there maybe some misunderstanding. Judge says no, I have seen it myself, your family has much chaos, Ruhi go inside. Ruhi leaves. Judge says there are many kids at home, you behave so irresponsible, I have seen all elders fighting, it does not look its well educated family, thanks to Nimrit, who called me here. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry. Raman says I assure this won’t happen, small issues happen in every house, don’t trust this woman. Judge says Raman you are reputed, don’t you know difference in loving family and drunkard’s family. Raman says sorry, I will take complete responsibility. She says no, I will send Ruhi with Nimrit. Ishita cries and asks her not to do this. Judge says I took the decision, don’t do this. Raman and Ishita try to stop her. Mrs. Bhalla says its all because of me, my Ruhi…. She cries and Adi consoles her.

Amma takes care of Shravan. Raman comes to Iyers and asks did they get peace, go out and see how your daughter is begging for Ruhi, judge came and saw all your fights, Mihika is this your maturity, you ruined our respect, you all fight everywhere, my Ruhi is getting away because of you, you promised to stay united, how did you forget the promise, judge is taking Ruhi back, Ruhi is leaving. They all get shocked.

Raman scolds Ashok and calls him fraud. Ashok taunts Raman about his wives and daughter. Ishita stops Raman.

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