Shastri Sisters 27th November 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajat thinking about Anu’s words that she can’t marry the guy her sister loves. Saajna……………plays…………He gets sad and gets ready to leave. Minty comes to him and he gets annoyed seeing her. She apologizes to him and asks is there any way that he can understand her and what she did. He says you are smart and strong. She cries. He says I m not that strong as you think, you don’t need to apologize to me, some relations have love without any reason, and our relation is also such. She says when will we get normal, when will you forget all this, how much time. He asks you tell me, how much time I need to forget my mum used me as if I don’t have any feelings, even airforce training does not make a man so strong to bear this. Minty still blames Shastri Sisters. She says she lost her husband and sons, all this done by those girls. She says she can’t forgive them.
Rajat thinks it will be good if he really goes far from her and get the transfer. He meets his boss and gets a confidential file. He asks him to study the matter well. Rajat looks at the file. He says he doubts that someone is leaking info and he has to work from his home in this mission. He asks is he afraid of this big responsibility, lucky officers get the country duty and he is one of them. Rajat thinks and accepts the duty, crushing the transfer application letter. He says he will do his duty with full dedication. His boss says no one should know about this mission, not even family or GF, if anyone knows or info gets leaked, then his career and life can end. Rajat says he will keep it safe than his life. The boss says I trust you so I chose you. Rajat thanks him and leaves.
Shastri Sisters 27th November 2014 Written Update
Astha comes to meet Minty and asks her to tell everything about Rajat and Devyaani’s engagement break up. She laughs and Minty gets angry. Minty taunts her about Bau ji scolding her. Minty says she is not interested in talking about Shastri Sisters. Astha and Minty have an argument. Astha asks how will she kick them out from her life. She says we have to divide them, and then we can win over them. She asks her to join hands with her. Minty accepts her offer. Karishma meets Rajat and surprises her. He asks how is he here. She says will you get scared if I say I m following you. She says she remembers everything about him. He says things have changed. She says fine, lets change more to get it back to same point.
She talks to him non stop and makes him relieved of stress. Rajat holds her hand and brings her home. Minty and everyone are shocked seeing him. Karishma greets everyone. Rajat asks why are they sad, he is not getting transfer as he will be staying here, we were seeing in wrong direction, but now, we will see in right direction. Sareen asks what is he saying. Rajat says he wants to marry Karishma. Everyone is shocked. He asks Minty to get him married to her, just the bride has to change. He looks at Anu. Karishma smiles. Rajat asks them to accept this proposal if they want to see him happy. Karishma is happy that he has kept all her souvenirs. He takes her to show him.
Devyaani says when she came to know about Rajat and Anu, she also felt the same way. Alka asks does she want Anu to get the same pain, for the guy who moves on so soon. She asks Devyaani to move on. Devyaani says maybe his heart did not break the way mine broke. She hugs Alka and leaves. Alka asks Anu to take care and hugs her. She leaves.
Rajat tells Karishma that he missed her so much. He sees Anu and makes her jealous, saying I love you to Karishma. He stops Anu and asks why was she hearing his talk. She says no and turns. He holds her hand and she looks at him.
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