Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24 June 2016 Written episode Update. Saath Nibhana Saathiya today and Latest Written story.

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Jigar comes back home fuming. Pari asks her what happened. Jigar says Gopi came between business meeting and was teaching him business. She wants them to make patola saris now. Kokila says patola saris are always in demand. Jigar says why she is interfering when she does not know anything about business. Gopi shouts he forgot that maaji is Kokila Modi from whom even Ahem used to take business advice. Pari says Gopi got well just 48 hours ago, within 24 hours she changed house’s rules and within 48 hours wants to take over business, where was she when she and Jigar took care of family for 5 years. Gopi shouts where is her family. Jigar says he and Ahem built this industry from scratch and will not let anyone ruin it. She shouts when Ahem was alive company was making lakhs of profit, but jigar drowned it in crores of loss. Jigar says whatever it it, he will not let her ruin the company with her weird ideas, though she is 51% share holder.

Vidya tells Meera that she wants to celebrate Priyal’s birthday and needs money to buy cake and dress. Meera shouts she will not give her money. Vidya says she will celebrate birthday at any cost and will manage expenses somehow. Meera shouts she will see how will she celebrate birthda. Vidya smiles and leaves. Naiya brainwashes Meera that Vidya did not let their children come into world and wants to celebrate her daughter’s birthday now.

Gopi contiues confronting Jigar and if he thinks women should only be confined at home, he is wrong, she will prove that woman can do better business than him. She will open patola sari business and will make it profitable, then he has to let her take business decisions. Jigar accepts challenge and poor Ahem bhai has to see all this from heaven. Gopi leaves towards room. Dr. Krishna tries to follow her, but Kokila stops him and says she will speak to Gopi first.

Urmila informs Sona about situation in Modi mansion. Sona asks how does she know all this. Urmila says Monica called Vidya and yelled that her mom changed their house and forced them to change their room. Sona says she should be sent to servant quarters for the misdeeds she did. Urmila says she should not say that. Tolu and Jai/veeru enter and topic changes to family. Jai/veeru say they need 2 brothers to complete cricket team. Tolu asks why not sisters. Urmila says if they don’t get brothers this time, they will next year. Tolu and Sona get shy.

Gopi reminisces Jigar’s words and challenge and thinks what to do now. Kokila comes and says she is going on a right track.

Precap: Gopi asks whom to fight, Pari, Jigar. Kokila says it is time for her to become Arjun and fight with own relatives. Gopi says she will get Pari and Jigar back on track.

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