Sasural Simar Ka 27th November 2014 Written Update

 Sasural simar ka 27th November 2014 Written Update
Scene 1
sarpan asks simar where is vikrant? He finds him in the floor. Sarpan tries to open his eyes. siamr says when he cam here was drunk he fainted. I was coming out to ask for help. Sarpan and his men take virkant to doctor. sarpan syas nothing should happen to vikrant. Roli says they are leaving means didi has the phone. sarpan asks look if vikrant has his phone? Let me look in.
prem is calling sid again and again. He says where is sid? sid comes in. Prem says I hav been calling you. door knocks waiter brinsg the coffee. Sid says my phone was on silent. I was downstairs., waiter has come to keep an eye on sid. WAiter says enjoy your coffee sir. He leaves. Prem syas what should I do. mata ji isn’t eating anything.
simar is about to call prem. sarpan is goig towards simar’s room. roli syas i9 have to stop him somehow. simar calls prem. Prem goes to pick his phone. sarpan syas open the door. Prem says hello.. sima syas prem ji. Prem says I cant hear you. simar’s call is on waiting while prem is talking to rajhinder. Rajhinder syas I am sorry. pren says vikrant took simar in front of me and I was unable to do anything. Rajhinder says don’t give up.
Sarpan asks simar to open the door. His men start breaking the door.
mata ji fainst because she hasn’t eaten anything.
Roli says its about to break. My life will be endangered if they know I am alive. roli says sarpan ji, she goes in front of them. simar says what have you done roli why you came in front of them. roli starts running. Sarpan and his men start running after. some of men are still trying to break the door.
Someone calls on phone and says its done just as you asked, priya has made sid fool. sid will pay him.
Prem says I hope everything is fine in the house. PRem calls on that number while simar is on call with that waiter. Prem says to sid the number is busy. simar places stuff in front of the door.
Doctor says mata ji ou have to be careful about your diet. mata ji says I will only take medicines when simar come back home. Sujaata says please eat something mata ji they will come back soon.
Roli is running in the forest. She looks for a way to escape. sarpan’s men are looking for him everywhere. she says I have save myself. sarpan’s me are tryng to break the door. Sarpan fires and says I can sacrifice my life for vikrnat or can kill someone. open the door and give me the phone. My men are after her and lets see if wild animals kill her or my men. Her death is mandatory. If you come out my men will bring roli back aliv e or you will be responsible for her death.
prem calls on that phone. sarpan says I am counting till 3. He starts the count down. He says I promise roli will be killed before morning if you don come out.
Precap-simar gives the ohoen to sarpan. it falls off her hand. sarpan picks it up. prem is on call simar syas hello prem ji.
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